FOR SALE Shiny 1979 T2 with Subaru engine and gearbox Fresh Paint and more

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by RustyMonkeyBus, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Already have. I will buy if I win by the way @RustyMonkeyBus
  2. davidoft

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    me too, and I'm winning
  3. Right there is 9 days left stop with the auction fever already
  4. davidoft

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    I'm the only one whos seen it, well worth 4k :D
  5. davidoft

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  6. Yep

    @RustyMonkeyBus are any body mods required to fit the Subaru gearbox in?
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  7. davidoft

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    buy my westy roof :D
  8. Interested on this as well.

  9. Yes but it is only mild , where the original gearbox mount bolts in , that area had to be trimmed although I am sure it's fully revertable if that was the idea
  10. Just thinking that's all
  11. The market will decide the price! Good luck with the sale
  12. Great van but s h I t advert. You need to include some details about the van if you want to sell it for proper money. Year, engine size, work that has been done etc. Just come back from a camping trip is not enough!
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  13. Like I said earlier , I have already listed it previously with all that information on there and someone else suggested that there was too much information i can add that stuff but I thought really interested parties will ask it anyway
  14. updated the ad to add some more information that "most" won't read !;)
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  15. Looks better with the updated add, honestly if that doesn't sell at a decent price, I'm going to sell my kids.
  16. Well the watchers have tripled my first and second auction let's hope there's some genuine bidders in there
  17. I like the Black roof.
    Good luck be patient

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  18. Well I am currently winning and I will buy it if I win, but I do have a limit set
  19. Whats the limit ? Maybe we could save the effort
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  20. bernjb56

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    Does it include any pulled pork?

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