FOR SALE Shiny 1979 T2 with Subaru engine and gearbox Fresh Paint and more

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by RustyMonkeyBus, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. I know the feeling ,all I've had is scam emails on the T5

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  2. Do you really need to sell that quick?
  3. PSG


    Reason for selling?
  4. Looks good so £12.5k is a good starting price for someone to haggle you down a bit.
    The lack of white on roof etc may put some people off - otherwise no reason it shouldn't sell easily
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  6. No not really but my insurance is also due in August so I would like to have the sale completed by then

  7. Purely because we have other things that need attending to I. E a bathroom refit that's been waiting for ages and we would like to get away on a holiday abroad this year and as my son is in a wheelchair and I have 2 girls there just isn't the space to go in the bus
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  8. Hey I don't know if you've noticed but there's an issue with your add on car and classic.
    All pics are the same.

    Maybe a quick respray of the front bumper would also help.
    And a cheap audio system (just to avoid the empty space on the dash), as well as a ashtray.

    In any case I still think it's an incredibly good price for what your selling.
    Good luck with the sale
  9. To be honest I'm not bothered ,I've had more enquiry's asking if it was easy to do the gearbox conversion than I have had enquiry's about it being for sale

    It's the right time of year , it's not a snotter and yet I'm still struggling and I have adverts everywhere.

    Thank you for letting me know though it is appreciated
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  10. Maybe the market has gone flat ?
    My T5 is advertised on eBay , Pistonheads and not genuine enquiry .... Persevere

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  11. What about the bloke on here @rustbucket who is looking for a solid van with a 10k+ budget.

    11.5k is well cheap, especially when a decent engine can cost 5k
  12. This one has a spare engine included too

    I had a hard time selling my t5 too but thankfully its gone now
  13. Did I say that it has an agreed insurance value of 19k

    Not sure if that changes anything but I thought it was worth mentioning
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    This may sound weird, but bare with me....

    I noticed that I don't look at cars with black wheels, unless its supposed to have black wheels - my first instinct tells me its been raced - don't know why, just found I think that way.

    I've had two cars with black wheels that have not not sold for ages, then sprayed the wheels silver and within hours, gone.

    There is a chance that your van needs to be less manly - you are selling it to a couple or a family and often people want pretty or cute over, well, more macho paint schemes.

    It could be that simple. Because that's a great price for that van.

    Or I could be an idiot and ignore me.
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  15. I have the original wheels , il get some caps for them and make them look pretty and try that
  16. Put the pop top back on

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  17. Not a chance !
  18. Ok then turn into a dragster

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  19. Brexit has killed the market,and i hopefully hope it's temporary blip

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  20. Ha don't get political on this thread ! theres enough of that rubbish on here already LOL
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