FOR SALE Shiny 1979 T2 with Subaru engine and gearbox Fresh Paint and more

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by RustyMonkeyBus, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. stage 2 then
  2. Hi guys , I've seen before most people on here have bays where would you guys suggest advertising ?
  3. davidoft

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  4. Sell the dream, all vans have small faults, don't mention them if there are any. All pics in nice settings. No speil about loads of things done, just descibe what it is.
  5. Gumtree is the one, you might have to wade thru the scams etc,

    Get it to the beach few pics with tables set out too.
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  7. Thanks il stick it on there too
  8. I think Im listed for sale everywhere ! didn't do samba as its mainly american ( will listen to sensible offers)
  9. will also consider part ex
  10. PSG


    how fast does it go?
  11. I've done 90 , that's enough for me
  12. To sell
    I'd paint the roof and wheels white...:hattip:
  13. I think it's a good price. Just be patient , the person will come along. I will stick it in a couple of Facebook forums if you want.
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  14. Yes please , it doesn't help that I'm so impatient when something isn't selling I think I have priced it wrong , or something else is putting people off
  15. I had a massive dilemma when choosing the roof colour as I originally wanted jaffa , if the roof colour was a deal breaker I would include the roof and wheel painting in the deal if the asking price was met
  16. You need to get it to some shows as well in the for sale bit. Just on a Sunday. Keep the price as it is it's fine.
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  17. I quite like the roof colour personally... Just a matter of taste I guess.
    And as above great price just need to be patient. It seems like there's a lot of great buses having trouble to sell at the moment.
  18. @RustyMonkeyBus I think your price seems fair, tbh i would love to buy it but simply don't have the money and wont have for some time. P.S don't drop the price any more on eBay.
  19. I will try not too ! , thanks for the support , I'm going to be doing my driveway soon(more parking space) so I will just await the right buyer
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  20. Lowering to 11.5k for anyone who may see it on here

    Cheap cheap !

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