FOR SALE Shiny 1979 T2 with Subaru engine and gearbox Fresh Paint and more

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    Just fresh back from a weekend away camping , we are now looking to sell our T2 , previously for sale on here but it required more interior work and re wiring which has now been carried out.

    As a bus there are still a few jobs to do but overall its a useable bus with a tried and tested engine and gearbox, It was built by myself so its not a bespoke 30k crazy build show winner but its a great bus with lots of expensive upgrades (if you want to classify them as that )

    Imported from arizona so it has no hidden underside rust or nasty's , it has a small hole in the battery tray but very minor , the passenger step had a hole but thats all been welded up and treated , body had a full repaint in porsche speed jaffa , with a black roof , it currently sits on mercedes wheels with chunky tyres on

    I installed a subaru engine for reliability , ease of sourcing cheap spares and for easy 70mph cruising speeds for those motorway trips , I coupled this to the original subaru gearbox , clutch , flywheel and starter ( it has a reversed subarugears pinion installed ) but all the other parts are standard subaru so easily available , it has a fellows coolings system underneath and uses the standard ECU to control the cooling fans , I have also installed a temp gauge so the temps can be monitored while driving.

    We've installed a full interior panel set , a full width rusty lee rock n roll bed , new curtains and floor ( again some finishing items remaining but all easy stuff )

    All the rubbers were replaced when we put the van back together after painting so even thats ticked off the list of items that may be required.

    obviously its a lefty but we haven't found this an issue even when parking , yes t2 mirrors are a bit crap but the left hand drive thing is not a hinderance and we felt it would be great for trips to france etc

    Loads of other stuff that I've probably forgotten , lots of new stuff ,brake lines , calipers , heated front windscreen!!

    We are located in Ascot
    viewings are no problem

    07934 336 526
    01344 286326

    Plz Quote TLB if texting or emailing

    Priced at 12.5k Which we think is fair for the amount that has gone into the bus

    viewing on a ramp can be arranged (lets you get a good look around)

    I will not disappear into the sunset once the van has sold so if you ever had a question or needed a bit of help I would be on the end of the phone if needed
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  2. Agreed, lovely looking bus. I'd certainly but it if we were looking for a new bus. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Rusty may not be the most suited name for such a nice bus! ;)

    But as above very good price! Good luck with the sale.
  4. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    I was amazed this didn't sell the first time it was here, the fact that it been improved since makes it an even better deal..
  5. Neil well done !
    Looking good. I know that anyone who buys this bus won't be disappointed, it's worth every penny if not more
    Good luck !

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  6. Thank you for the kind comments.

    Also I have a T5 for sale and would be happy to do a deal on both if its of any interest on here !
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    That's lovely.
    I'd remove the name of the bus from the thread title though. Loads of potential buyers won't even open your thread!
  8. I thought it was a rusty engine & box he was selling so agree.

    Looks a good deal. Good luck with selling it.
  9. Yup. Me too. Only opened out of interest

    Lose the "rusty" tag

    Great bus.
  10. Getting a Subaru was the best thing I ever did with my bus. This looks great - and a great price. Good luck.
  11. I forgot to add I have a spare engine and a spare ecu all included in the sale if wanted
  12. Tell me about the spare engine.....
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  13. When I purchased the original subaru donor , the owner had bought a spare engine for the subaru car "just in case" as it was some sort of special uk model (sport i think) 80k , turns over fine etc been covered up in the workshop for ages , I removed the inlet mani to paint and the stuff you don't require for a bus install but all the relevant bits are there
  14. Is it a 2.0? series 1 or series 2?
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  15. looks very nice, and good price. just been on piston heads 1978 scooby engine bay window £29,000.
  16. Lol yea I've seen those sort of vans but I actually want to sell mine :lol:
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  17. Original wheels also included ( no caps and tyres perishing )
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