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    But not any old oil; this was the dreaded (and totally incorrect) Morris 30.
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  2. Then sANDYBAY reard their ugly heads and cackled
    Fail. Fail. Faillllll.
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    The heady mix of Totally wrong Morris oil and its association with the cu engine made ....
  4. for a most unusual combination. It fizzed and bubbled and smelt most peculiar.
    Meanwhile, just as Hailfrank was about to place the prototype tart into the oven, there was a loud knock at the door. Hailfrank limped down the long hallway to the vestibule, and slowly opened the door. "Creeaak" went the door, as the hinges hadn't been oiled for many a year. There stood the tall strapping figure of @Paul Weeding , the local woodcutter, who knew a thing or two about Morris Oil....The woodcutter sniffed the air and said "What's that I smell? smells just like the oil I use to rub on my chopper"
    "It's the pie Sir" replied Hailfrank, who was anxious to put the tart in the oven, so his master wouldn't beat him.
    "And pray tell me, who is the pie for?" asked Paul...for he was very well spoken for a humble woodsman.
    "It's for the celebrations this evening" replied HF "Master Zed is holding a Ball, and has invited all the noble people of the town"
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  5. all the boobies slide smoothly together causing
  6. Back on the M56....
    a wind break, that miraculously slowed the careering lorry to a very respectable 50mph, allowing Malcom to regain control
  7. " and will Princess @Tiny-Pie be attending this Ball?" asked the woodcutter with a glint in his eye
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  8. She attended to his ball and wrapped it in a pressure bandage
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    Just as they approached the dreaded troll lair known as the Thelwall viaduct. Ricketta gripped Poppy's....
  10. made from the most exquisite lace you ever did see.
  11. CB handset and
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    [we seem to have 2 parallel scripts running....]
  13. yes....we need a Director....I think someone's turned two pages over by mistake....
  14. Thats a moderators job I think!
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    It will come together in the end we are just setting the Characters and story line.

    Poppy and Ricketta are off to deliver their load of karma gold. It is a long journey. They have to avoid the Welsh. Yorkshire and other trolls. The moderaters too in their quest for riches.

    Meanwhile at Zed towers a ball is being held.

    The evil step brother Rickyroo1 the karma hoarder wants the gold ar chez poo. And in the meantime we have to weave in a lot of panto characters and say things like.. He's behind you.. Oh no he isn't. Boo hiss etc.

    I suggest the author Dickie gets a grip and edits it into a meaningful and poignant fable. Soon as its on page 4!
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    BOOO ..HISSS..
  17. OK Scene 2: The Ballroom


    Hailfrank the hapless Batman has been busying himself with the preparations for tonight's Ball. Enter Master Zed, sporting a Fez and monacle, brandishing yet another bottle of Morris 30 Brandy......Paul the woodcutter has gone off to oil his chopper one last time before changing into his finest clothes....Malcom and Rickyetta, and their strange agglomeration of assorted seabirds are due to arrive shortly.....
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    If they can avoid the trolls and moderators and deliver their precious cago of karma gold to chez poop. Collect their reward from the evil step brother Rickrooo1 and attend the ball at Zed towers in style and wealth.
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  19. "Well?" enquired Zed..."I trust you have completed all the tasks for this evening's celebration."
    "Yes Mi Lud" replied HF, who hovers wringing his hands, at the entrance to the ballroom, wearing a Pinnafore and chefs hat.
    "Everyone who is anyone will be here tonight. I want no mishaps, or there will be hell to pay"
    "All is in order, Master. The tables are laid, the house has been swept from top to toe, and the prototype Tart will be ready as soon as the first guests arrive"
    "Excellent, Excellent." said Zed, taking another sip from the ruinous liquor....


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