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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by lowie, Jun 22, 2021.

  1. Yep going to go and see mot man tomorrow
    And see if he can get me in early one morning next week

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  2. I can give it the once over while you're there if you want

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  3. You might be stricter than my mot man lol

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  4. Lol, I meant the conversion just to see if there is anything you've missed

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  5. Was hopeing you would lol there's bound to be something
    Biggest mystery is the not starting if I earth the engine thing

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  6. I think we are done for now
    Mot was yesterday confessed to insurance company today so just a case of running it and see what breaks lol

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  7. Just fitting my new bespoke underbelly radiator this week and I have had some brackets made up but just wondering if I should use rubber washers to cushion rad vibration.
    I seem to remember every car I've had having rubber mounts, what have others done please ?
  8. I just bolted it up snug and tight, if you add washers you'll change the air flow which may or may not be a positive I honestly don't know but I suspect sealed as much as possible is best.

    Just noted yours is bespoke, I used an RJES one so that might be different to yours
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  9. Thanks, I decided against Rjes after reading a few reviews and the Fellowes version involves cutting a 2" hole through main chassis member (duh, why ?) so I got one from Coolex the radiator specialist.
    Bolting up tight makes sense as the hoses should swallow any vibration Is yours up and running now?
  10. Mines an RJES one, I thought it was good, well engineered and fitted no problems but it makes sense to go with a rad specialist as well.
    I think its all to do with keeping right pressures and stuff so avoiding gaps is probably best. You can fit a fan heater in the gap at the front as well which helps keep it tidy.

    Yes, its brilliant. I did a road trip this year around the UK, about 1500 miles without any problems (apart from my water temp gauge went a bit mad, useful for picking random lottery numbers from 20 to 150) It initially gave me a bit of stress but no symptoms and eventually hundreds of miles later the engine was still telling me it was fine so looking for a needle type, it was digital before.
    Smoother power, mines an auto and it seems to work well with the fluid torque converter. It got me round the peaks and up and down the steepest road in the UK in the lake district. My old mpg was about 17, now in the mid to upper 20s. You'll get more in a manual.

    My approach was to gradually build up your journeys and get confident with it (I'm no engine builder so always doubted my work). Now I'd go anywhere with it and for the first time I went away without a boot full of tools :)
  11. Pleased to hear yours is good, I am fitting twin two stage fans and a fan heater at the front, as I am paranoid about overheating. I have an extra digital guage which looks accurate in tests so far but time will tell.
    As you suggest I am hoping for some little local runs on fine days over winter and then some proper trips next spring and summer !! Can't wait...
  12. Good to hear you're so close. If you're ever near Essex/Chelmsford way pop in for a cuppa unless I pass your way first !
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  13. Razzyh

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    Get an ODB reader and read the temps direct from the ECU
  14. Only worth getting if you've got OBD ;)
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  15. Any updates?
  16. All good just sorting other things out out disel heater ,fuel gauge ,radio etc
    The one small issue I've got engine wise is its got a lumpy tickover no big problem
    Think it's the idle air control valve tried cleaning etc but a new one for a phase 1 engine is about $400 from abroad
    So it's a wait and see jobby

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  17. Kruger

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    Good to hear it’s all been running ok-ish, rule out any air leaks with a spray of carb cleaner etc before spending on a new idle valve, not sure if you’re looking in the wrong places, but most idle valves I’ve seen for Subaru’s have been in the £20-60, but maybe all phase 2 post 98ish?? I’m assuming you’ve tried ebay (also search by part number as components are common to a lot of other Asian cars) phoned importcarparts? As their website doesn’t show everything, another option is buying a used throttle body complete with throttle pos switch/idle valve it might be a cheaper fix.
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  18. I've got my eyes peeled on evil bay I wouldn't rule a air leak so keep checking back on it every now and again
    I am itching to do subarugears next but with a wedding to pay for next year can't see it being anytime soon

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  19. You and Tina getting hitched fella or are you paying for some one else’s wedding?
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  20. Me and Tina next may mate
    Did mention I could get a new gearbox was cheaper than a wedding
    Had to sleep in the bus that night lol

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