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  1. I’ve gotta get that

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  2. Front brake callipers for Vel Satis are not interchangeable with either contemporary Espace or Laguna.
    As expected they are made of the usual curious mix of brie and unobtainium,
    but at least there was one available in this country for the princely sum of £108.
  3. I'm beginning to wonder about "winning" a £5 car and then needing to buy hard to get spare parts, perhaps its an elaborate ruse dreamed up by two Vel Satis owners:rolleyes:
  4. It's just a bit of fun.
    There are 59 tickets, as it's drawn on the bonus lotto ball.
    But no-one in their right mind would pay £295 for a quarter of a million mile VS.
    A fiver is more like it tho'
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  5. I was only joking, I think there's great value in big old cars, luxury that might seem unattainable, my wife wafts around in an 05 discovery HSE she bought 2 years ago and we both love it.
    Toyota marketing strategy in third world countries was to sell the jeeps cheap and make money on the spare parts, as lower capital outlay with higher running costs suited those economies a bit like Printers and printer ink.:)
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  6. French Music.

    I've got loads of Alysee, Vanessa Paradis & Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop, but I want more.
    Can anyone recommend me some to listen to whilst wafting in the Renna?
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  7. The soundtrack to A Man and a Woman starring Anouk Aimee..
  8. Blimey, that was a bit Richard Clayderman/Klaus Wonderlich.
    Any more for anymore?
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    I hope you have some Jonny Halliday (RIP)
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  10. I have some Jonny Halliday, but I simply can't get on with the bloke.
    I have a petit morceau of Plastic Bertrand but in my opinion, he peaked with his
    Album, Chat va... Et toi?
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  11. Have you tried 8 women. I have and Cant top playing it.
  12. Terrordales

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    So many improper comments come to mind.
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    You beat me to it! ;)
  14. Is '8 women' a Jonny Halliday track or a band?
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  15. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I'm not sure if @Luca was distracted and mis-posted :)
  16. There's a film called '8 femmes' and it has a soundtrack?

    Can I take this opportunity to recommend the second album by Alizée Jacotey,
    'Mes Courants Électriques', it's a more mature effort than her early Lolita cobblers.
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  17. Yes well I may need to try again when I am calmer.
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  18. Thats the one.
  19. Not updated this for ages as nothing has happened.
    The Porsche is still being welded, the Scirocco is still scruffy & still functions at minimal cost and the Jaaaaag continues to waft effortlessly. The Vel Satis on the other hand, being French, stuffed with electronic trickery and constructed on the assembly line with the heater matrix being the first component, has suffered a curious failure to proceed.
    Astonishingly, the electronic parking brake control unit, conveniently situated beneath the boot floor has suffered water damage. Who'd have thought that eh? It makes a whirring noise, the car thinks it's disengaged, but is clearly on as firmly as a parking brake could be.
    A replacement from the nice folk at Renault is just £704 fitted.
    Fortunately, the Renault lickers forum has located a bloke in a dusty shed who mends them for just a few shillings and a tub of paté.
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  20. Sounds like the gift that just keeps on giving :eek:

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