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  1. That's a bit marmite, but I guess 944 clutches aren't a stock item these days.
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  2. They make a great sound when
    Going downhill with your foot off the accelerator :)
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  4. Are you keeping your MG - Mrs Cunny would like a Moggy convertible
  5. she can have mine if she wants to buy un finished with new interior and carpet set £5600
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  6. 944 is back and what an astonishing difference. New clutch, torque tube, gear linkage and two little rubber suspension mounts that disintegrated when they were taken off for the first time in thirty years. The cheaper of the two was just £135 plus vat.
    No play in the transmission/drivetrain at all. The smoothest of the smooth.
    And what a bill.
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  7. And now Scruffy the Scarecrow is peeing me about by refusing to start easily!
  8. Sod the Scirocco, chap will be out to sort that in the week.

    Today we nipped out for fish and chips from the Magpie in Whitby.
    The round trip was just under three hundred miles. We've done it before in the 'bay of lasting joy' but it takes four hours each way.
    Today we went in the Shaguar.


    Three hundred miles of total waft, in near silence with Maysa on the CD,
    It's what motor cars like this were designed for & better mpg's than we'd have had from the bay.
  9. @Bernard Fishtrousers

    Instead of taking trips to Whitby I would have thought you would have been down in Austria tending your vine yard. Euro 33.50 a bottle, nice if you can get it!
    Your Gulfstream engineer,
  10. Blasted Porsche has shat its alternator today. Took the wife safely to work and died in the car park. If anyone cares, it was the original thirty year old one. Auto aid recovered it without drama to Cavendish Porsche where a replacement is just £380 fitted. Happy Xmas one and all.
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  11. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    £380 for an alternator? (Plus fitting) blimey. Tho tbh I think I'm still stuck in £40 Capri alternator circa 1988! :)
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  12. The 944 is a spectacular motor car. It is over engineered like you would not believe. But although lots of things come from the VAG parts bin and are cheap enough, the bits that are Porsche only, cost an arm and a sodding leg. I presume that Ferdinand actually designed and wound all of the alternators himself.
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  13. I noticed that one of the rear tyres on the Jaguar was looking a little soft - again.
    In the spirit of them as change their car rather than take it for MOT, I bought a pair of new ones.
    At the same time, I had the winter boots put back on the Scarecrow.
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  14. Shocking news update!

    In a sensational and totally unexpected development, the three hundred quid Jaguar has just failed it's second MOT in my ownership
    On a ball joint.

    Not the end of the world then
    Normal service will be resumed in the fullness of...
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  15. My first car was a 52 morris minor convertable split screen 918cc side valve, (had 16 valves.....8 in the engine and another 8 in the radio) and a cooper S exhaust hanging out the left side. developed 27 bhp, and a starting handle to get it going in the cold weather. We called it the 'pram' as it looked like one with the roof back. minor 2.jpg
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  16. ...of time.

    It's back, it's sorted.
    I still cannot believe that this car is so utterly worthless. It is a total pleasure to simply waft about in and to be honest, it upsets me a little that my bay is worth 100 times as much, but in comparison is like driving a tractor.
    And the sodding mpg is even worse.
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  17. A bit of mild amusement this morning.


    I had a new air-con condenser fitted on Monday and it appears that the lad with the spanners didn't
    tighten up the top radiator hose quite as much as I'd have liked him to.

    A word in his shell like will follow
  18. Well, I had a word and it appears that he'd not actually had the top hose off.
    So a bit of inter-googling revealed that the previous owner had also had the same problem.
    A bit more inter-googling and the solution appears to be a replacement hose and a new pressure cap on the expansion tank.
  19. In other exciting news, the Scirocco failed its MOT on Monday because of a rear wheel bearing.
    It returned the following day with a new one fitted and passed.
    However, no-one could find the certificate. Not bothered by this, I checked on the various apps, saw the fail on the 18th and that the test ran out on the 20th.
    I kept hanging on waiting for stuff to update, but it never did, so I rang the garage yesterday, 'leave it with me mate...'
    It appears that my Scirocco managed to pass a second MOT on Friday 22nd without me even taking it to the garage!

    Just for the record, this isn't a dodgy MOT.
    It's just a garage who failed to enter it on the system & corrected their error in the easiest way possible.
    Nice, helpful Garage.
  20. It appears that I became very drunk the other evening and purchased a five pound raffle ticket to win a fifteen year old motor car and a selection of pies.
    I woke up this morning to discover I am a winner. The car is in Accrington, the collection is in a fortnight - more to follow...

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