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  1. Mrs. Fishtrousers & I have 3 other vehicles for your delectation...

    One of those unpopular 1303 things, but a bit German looky. We've owned this since '85 and its not moved for a year or so but sits in the back of the garage waiting for fashion to catch up with it.


    Then we have our daily drivers, a 944 owned since '94 - the comparatively rare/fragile S version with almost a quarter of a million miles on it and our new toy which we've only had a couple of years.



    We had a Scirocco GL many, many years ago & at the time I thought that it was a rapid motor.
    I also thought that at the rear it looked very similar to a 924/944.

    I was wrong.
    The Scirocco is not quick.
    Also it is amazingly cheaply built in comparison to the 944.
    A bit of a surprise but you live & learn.

  2. Scirocco failed MOT today on 'leaking shock absorber & rear wheel-bearings need tightening'

    So, that's not the end of the world then, might even end up with a sharper handling car.
    clearly my cup is never half full/empty - just badly over-engineered.
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  3. 72wilma

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    A couple of nice rear ends shots there Mr Fishpants.
  4. In other exciting news today, the Porsche passed its MOT first time.
    At 27 years old & with more miles on the clock than the Starship Enterprise, I am a jolly old fellow.
  5. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Any old vehicle passing an MOT is cause for celebration :)
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  6. Mr. Bernd Fishtrousers,
    Long time no see!!
    I remember being accused of loosing the keys of your "7er" then driving you home from Munich airport in my company 3 series, sorry it was a bit of a come down for you.
    I'm still grinning about having to give you a leg up over your electric security gates, when frau. P would not wake up and let you in, but then it was only 8am on a Sunday morning.
    I was very impressed with the lovely house, and garden going down to the lake, and your garage with 6 vintage Beemers, all covered up in cloth covers...thats what I call style!!
    I recognised your Avatar picture immediately I saw it, I hope you may remember me from my pic.
    All the very best,
    Tony...."Der Islander"
    Chief of maintenance for your Gulfstream.
  7. Ah, my old Gulfstream, I remember it well...
  8. Just out of interest, why do you use p's picture as your I'm the first one to recognise him.

    P.s. I still miss the bottle of bubbly you used to give me at Christmas time, sort of insurance policy to ensure the Gulfstream held together for another year!
  9. Had to spend some money on the Scirocco.
    A bit of a service, cv joints and an unusual one...
    A strange flapping noise at speed was traced to loose fuel lines, but not any old conventional metal fuel lines,
    At some point in the vehicles history, they've been replaced with what look like beer pipes.
    Cable tied em back up, jobs a caret.
  10. More exciting* other car news...

    At a quarter of a million miles, I've just had the fifth set of belts in my ownership, on the 944.
    And this is the best bit, Scirocco parcel shelf clips as some of you may know, are made of a rare cross between unobtainium and cheese.
    After months spent searching for a pair, I have fabricated an entirely satisfactory replacement following advice from the Austin Allegro school of motoring repairs, using only a self tapping screw.
  11. Whoops, broke the Scirocco a bit.
  12. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    How big a bit ?
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  13. It's far too embarrassing to talk about yet.
    It's at the garage where the monkey with the big spanner can't face looking at it himself until Monday.
    Monday I may discuss it further and then again, I may not.
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  14. My keeper forever.


    And my newly acquired daily driver.


    Same corner at Knockhill.

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  15. Nice collection. Fond memories of my Scirocco, and a 944 (or a maybe 924S) is on my wish list.
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  16. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    weigh it in.
  17. Only weighs 850kg, hardly worth driving over the bridge.

    Anyhoo, I brushed gently against a kerb last week and caused slight damage to the o/s/f wishbone.


    All is now sorted.
  18. There only about 15 quid anyway.

    plus they are simple to fit
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  19. It turns out that I also dislodged the shift rod a couple of splines.
    After a couple of weeks driving what felt like an Austin Maxi with a wrestler box, we are back to where we should be.
    I am feeling the Scirocco love and am thinking about nipping out side and showing it the hoover.
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  20. in a past life, when scirocco's were the latest sporty offering from VW, I was present at the making of the advert for the GTX. It showed a man in full rally gear putting his helmet and gloves on, jumping into the GTX, turning the ignition and wheelspinning away from a falling mill chimney. From the angle it was filmed at, it looked like the chimney was falling directly above the car, but in reality, it was tens of yards away...the final shot shows the Scirocco looking menacing as bricks and rubble fall around it...these were chucked from the sides by members of the crowd. The chimney was felled by Fred Dibnah....all very exciting...
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