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    What about the pies?
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  3. At this stage I know as much about the pies as you do.
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    Keep us updated.
    Its all about the pies.
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  7. I have purchased my tickets for the train which will take me to the Norths, insured the motor car - £130 from the nice people at Aviva.
    Only 1200 examples of this fine steed ever made it to the UK.
    And I have arranged to meet a bloke called Will Moog at Leeds railway station at midday on Thursday the 9th.

    The fair wife has agreed to do a bit of Woolarding with me & the car when I get it home.

    Things are progressing nicely...
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  8. Will mr moog bring his sister Cynthia sizer?:)
  9. No, but that Hammond bloke will be there! :)
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  10. So long as he doesn't bring that Clarkson ;)
  11. He May!
  12. old.jpg
  13. Tomorrow is collection day.

    Essential gear packed ready...

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    Got the pies yet?
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    Was it on Auto poo web site? :) is it a Reva G Wiz?
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  16. I do hope you aren't trying to actually guess and spoil the resulting 'reveal'!!
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  18. the rest of TLB and I are awaiting the developing of the brownie photos and maybe an update from @Bernard Fishtrousers' "smartphone"
  19. No charger by the looks of it,so could be an outage situation..
  20. Sadly I lack the technical skills to post photographs on the move, so I'll just be reading me new Baldacci. But when/if I get home, I'll be able to develop & scan me pics and bung 'em on the inter-web. More tomorrow.
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