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  1. Oops! What is it with modern cars and broken springs? You never used to hear of it at all, it's either the state of the roads nowadays or manufacturers penny pinching and making them from cheese. And it's not just car makers at the cheaper end of the market either, my previous daily was an 07 plate Merc that had 2 go in quick succession.
  2. It's speedbumps, you never used to hear of them either.
  3. You're probably right, luckily now I drive a CooperS which is so low I have to take them at about 1.5mph:D
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  4. IMG_20171128_143556408_HDR.jpg

    Sorted and on a brand new set of Winter Barums.
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  5. I know several folks who had springs break on their cars. Its the poor quality steel, I wonder who is making them? same lot who churn out that rubbish rubber.
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  6. I believe most springs, certainly on German cars, all come from one supplier, I was told this when I had to have new rears on my BMW, and found that ALL my colleagues either had a broken spring or knew someone that had it happen.
    My mechanic says it happens mainly when the weather gets very cold.
  7. The rubbish rubber comes from the Czech republic where in 1992, Barum signed a joint venture agreement with Continental AG. Sadly though, it turns out that the springs come from France and are made of the same brie that is used extensively in the equally flimsy gearbox.
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  9. Yes.

    You are looking at a couple of cars with a combined purchase price of £305.
    It makes me question why I continue to pay scene tax on a forty year old van which is slow, noisy & uncomfortable?
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  10. Haha …my daily is a 2010 Cooper S too and I know what you mean about speed humps not to be taken any faster than 1.5 mph!!!
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  11. Merlin Cat

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    To make the other cars seem even better bargains and to stop you getting too smug :)
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  12. Went to a bit of a Renault bash at the weekend.


    From the left;

    A 182bhp Clio - £200, a 2 litre Megané - £450, a Renault 16TL - £400 & a £5 Vel Satis!
    There's some money in classic cars.
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  13. Terrordales

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    Unfortunately none of these are classics.
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  14. Vel Satis is broken again...
  15. Total heater blower fan thing failure - just not something known for packing up.
    Rendered the car, with its huge windows, which obviously no longer open...
    An unusable foggy thing.

    All sorted now - blowers for VS were originally made of brie which is why they fail so readily,
    The replacements are now made of unobtainium. The only one in the UK was in Nantwich.
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    Try @lost-en-france :)
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  17. Terrordales

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    Is he good for defogging vehicles?
    Do you rub him on the windows or something?
  18. EML warning light came on,
    I bought a scanner,
    Plugged in, pushed buttons,
    EML went off.

    I IZ HI-TECH Vehicle mechanic innit?
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  19. that’s funny because I’ve done the same thing three times this week as the error keeps coming back.
    £13 from Amazon that code reader .

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