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  1. Big changes here at Bernie's.

    The Jaguar has gone, I doubled my money and the Vel Satis will soon be heading for the Mexican border.
    I have wisely invested all of the Brown's Lane based profit into this elegant device.

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  2. Wossat?

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  3. It's what folk round here call a V6 Conny SE !



    2 Previous elderly owners, FSH & 64,000 miles.
  4. You certainly have a penchant for the less popular Signor Pantaloni di Pesce...
    Nice seats though!

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  5. Straight out of the P6 eh?
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  6. Exactly my thoughts. Mad interior.
    Looks like a tidy motor though. Might even shift a bit. Spotless engine. I’d expect it to be covered in oil

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  7. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Excellent choice young man, I like an unfashionable, yet cheap and well looked after nice motor myself :)
  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I'd never have guessed. :eek: :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  9. It was the ‘well looked after’ that shocked me!! :eek:
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  10. You’ve had some interesting cars :thinking:
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  11. Just bought this to replace the POS merc we had previously. Quite impressed so far.

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  12. Our merc had all 4 break over 2 years. It was never badly driven or quickly over speed bumps or pot holes.
  13. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    I’d imagine it’s heavy vehicle weight, coupled with literal length of spring (and more movement between suspension and body mounts) and a healthy dose of huge heavy wheel and no shock absorbing low profile tyres.

    SUV’s are pretty much designed to break springs!
  14. There's a bloke in the village with one of those Lexi, his numberplate reads PR02GUY.
    Imagine how professional the guy appeared when I watched him put a tenner's worth of fuel in it.

    In exciting Rover based news:
    1, There's a 75 club 'nano meet' in a couple of weeks, I'm quite excited to become a part of the sort of owner demographic that these old buses attract, so I'll be wearing my new blazer & cravat to that bash.
    2, I have finally got the radio to work. Somewhat unusually, not only is there a head unit in the dash, there's also a 6 disc CD changer in the glove box, an amplifier and analogue TV tuner in the spare wheel well, an obsolete CD based sat-nav box behind one of the side panels in the boot, an aerial amplifier in the D pillar, eight speakers and about five miles of sodding wiring. Turns out that coffee had been spilled all over the head unit making the buttons sticky. According to the forum, it was just a simple case of removing it, rinsing it under the cold tap & leaving it to dry out in an airing cupboard for a fortnight.
    I'm not saying that the forum is full of idiotic old men, but unsurprisingly it didn't work and instead I bought an identical replacement from a scrapper, which sorted it in a jiffy, enabling the CD player to spew forth its collection of Gilbert & Sullivan and Alfie Boe discs.
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  15. My 'new' 75 is beginning to make me grin. When I first had it, I thought it an utter slug and wondered what everyone was banging on about - V6 warble?
    Since I have had the ATF changed and the throttle linkage tightened right up, although I've not felt it change gear since, I have seen it kick down & pull the best part of 7,000 rpm on a couple of occasions. It howls in a most addictive manner.

    You should all buy yourselves one while they still cost pennies.
  16. Bought this for the wife.


    She laughed so hard that she nearly bust her farting strings...

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