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  1. Went for a little run out this afternoon and popped into Lidl on the way back. Not easy being the coolest car in the car park. :D
    I was narrowly beaten last time by an early 70s 912 porsche.
    2020-08-15 13.50.29.jpg
    Back in the garage again for some more fettling. Horn still beeps on its own when the wheel is turned 180 degrees while turning slowly. :rolleyes:
  2. Finally got some white edge trim for the edge of the B pillar. Finishes it off nicely.
    2020-08-15 16.02.16.jpg
  3. Got given a Safer Motoring 100,000 mile club sticker off my mate Jeremy.
  4. Bonnet handle adjusted so it now locks and unlocks again. :D
    2020-08-19 12.23.56.jpg
    2020-08-19 12.24.00.jpg
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  5. Noticed the spacer and top circlip are missing from the top of the steering column. :rolleyes:
    _20190123_160258 (2).JPG

    The spacer is easy to get hold of but the C clip isn't available anywhere in the UK. CSP in Germany sell them for under 3 euro and they are available in the US from a few places though.
    I think i might have to measure up the steering column and see if i can find a generic C clip from somewhere.
    It looks like this:
  6. I think there is a slim chance I have one. I’ll look in the morning
  7. Cheers. :thumbsup:
  8. Sorry no luck. I’ll keep looking but don’t hold out too much hope.
  9. Thanks anyway. I know i removed it when i took the column apart. Don't remember if it survived removal or what i did with it though. :rolleyes:
    My mate Jeremy is gonna have a look at the spare steering column he has to see if theres one on that.
  10. This arrived in the post this morning. :)
    Means i can get the boss fitted again and see if it fixes the horn problem. The circlip will stop the wheels boss from sitting 4mm further down so i should be able to set to the boss to column gap to the correct space.
  11. Circlip fitted. Gone from a 2mm maximum gap to a 5mm gap. Switch housing needs moving a tad to get it within the 2-4mm specified gap now.
    2020-09-02 15.58.08.jpg

    2020-09-02 15.59.38.jpg
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  12. Added a bit of bling.
    2020-09-03 13.23.14.jpg
    2020-09-03 13.57.19.jpg
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  13. Had a quick play around with bug this afternoon. I checked the column for straightness and its maybe 4-5mm out of true. Not enough to touch the outer column tube anywhere to earth the horn.
    The old wire connection where the horns earth wire attaches to the coupler bolt was loose though so i've replaced it. Hopefully that'll solve the horn sounding when turning problem.
    2020-09-10 15.48.07.jpg

    2020-09-10 15.59.07.jpg
    2020-09-10 15.59.15.jpg
  14. Horn seems to be working correctly again without it beeping on its own. I'll take it out for a run after the weekend once the weather clears up and see if it still does.
    2020-09-12 13.57.18.jpg
  15. Everyone loves a sticker or two, right?
    2020-09-12 14.07.49.jpg
    2020-09-12 14.29.09.jpg
  16. Took the bug out for a run to Morrisons this afternoon. Horn doesn't sound on its own anymore (apart from once reversing out of a parking space :confused:).
    When i got back to the car the drivers door wouldn't unlock with the key though. Key doesn't feel to have any resistance when its turned. The button won't pop up from inside either.
    It did this at the MOT centre in December but then miraculously cured itself a few days later. I removed the lock mechanism after that, cleaned it all up and oiled it and it was super slick afterwards. Still no idea what caused it, why it fixed itself or why its happened again.
    2020-09-16 13.33.43.jpg
    Looks like its possibly running a tad rich.
    2020-09-16 14.29.15.jpg
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  17. Managed to find a spare drivers side one in my shed. Needs a clean up and a missing spring replacing but it seems to move nicely. This spring (red arrow) is the one that pushes the mechanism back when the door handle trigger is released. I wonder if the one on the lock on the car is broken.

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