My 1970 bug

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  1. Fitted a couple of wee 60w pod speakers on the under dash shelf. They sound a bit tinny with the volume turned way up and as they're only 75mm theres not a lot of base. I might fit a sub and amp in a box behind the back seat. Or maybe try and get the amplified bazooka base tube i spotted in the back of a mates garage a while ago.
    2020-05-23 14.32.23.jpg
    2020-05-23 14.31.42.jpg
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  2. Not easy keeping your hand steady doing a panorama shot close up.
  3. 2020-05-25 15.48.17.jpg
    2020-05-25 15.48.46.jpg
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  4. 2020-05-30 15.33.19.jpg
    2020-05-30 15.35.26.jpg
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  5. My sister bought me some front wing gravel guards to match the rear set. Just waiting for them to arrive.
    Heres a picture of a wheel as i've not done anything more on my bug in a while. :p
    2020-06-05 16.11.03.jpg
  6. Got the front wind gravel guards fitted today.

    Made some of these too.
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  7. Made another for the drivers side and promptly cracked it installing it. Not enough perspex left to make another. :(
    2020-06-11 14.59.14.jpg
    Checked the lights. I think the fog light is bright enough. :eek:
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  8. Finally got my agreed value sorted through Lancaster insurance. They thought i'd undervalued it so upped it. :)
    2020-06-15 16.07.21.jpg
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  9. What did they agree to, if you don't mind sharing? A PM is fine, my Bug is due next month and it would be good to get a data point, thanks.
  10. They upped it to £6k. Still not 100% sure i could replace it at that price but i've only spent about 1/2 that building it so it'll do.
  11. I agree, it's a cracking looking Bug in the photos :thumbsup:
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  12. Had a play around with photoshop.
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  14. Voted for you Martin, fingers crossed!

    I see @JamesLey has got an entry, duly voted for too :hattip:
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  15. Took the bug out for a wee run to put some fuel in and check the brakes.
    After a bit of spirited driving (hooning) around i did the finger test for checking the brakes and they were still cold. Before they would be hot enough after a few brakes to remove your finger prints so it looks like i solved that problem for now. :thumbsup:
    2020-07-21 14.15.33.jpg
    2020-07-21 14.15.22.jpg

    I'd fixed the horn a few weeks back but its now not working again. It does sound when the wheel is turned 180 degees while stationary though so i'm thinking its the top column bearing (the £35 one thats out of stock everywhere). :rolleyes:
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  16. Coffee maker fits to the door nicely.
    2020-07-27 14.56.30.jpg
    2020-07-27 14.58.08.jpg
    2020-07-27 14.58.21.jpg
    2020-07-27 14.59.03.jpg
    I'm still on the lookout for one of these jaffa and brown curver cool boxes.
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  18. mine too, i think everyone of a certain age who had picnics did
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  19. My parents had the magnolia and brown version but my sister has it now. :(
  20. Well that'd explain why the horn wasn't working. :rolleyes:

    Doesn't explain why the horn sounds when the wheel is turned 180 degrees at slow speed though.
    I assume its a worn upper column bearing but they're £35 a still unavailable in the UK.

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