Lets see your lowered late bays

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Zebedee, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Yep, lowering is a disease. :)
  2. Dunno what your on about bud ;)

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  3. I like that. Done of this narrowed beam sillyness.:thumbsup:
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  4. Here's mine


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  5. Hei Jon Rune :thumbsup:
  6. Is that on air?
  7. No it's not on air dude. Just on a k&l with dropped spindles :thumbsup:
  8. Not posted a pic of mine on this thread yet, so here goes:

    Summer 2015
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    front; vintage autohaus /french slammer 8cm narrowed adjustable ball joint beam, va /fs cast late bay dropped spindles, KYB gas adjust dampers 410-265mm. 5x16 ET39 steels with 185/55 16 michelins with 87xl load rating so correct for the weight of the bus. i'm at the top of the adjusters to allow maximum suspension travel/best possible ride.
    rear; french slammer adjustable 72-79 spring plates, stock dampers, 6x16 ET30 steels with michelin 205/60 16 with 96xl load rating.
  9. Here's mine- currently on air as the roads in Suffolk are terrible and need the option to raise...
    Stock wheels with 185/50/14 up front and 195/60/14 rear...

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  10. That's proper
  11. [​IMG]
    Rednine coil overs old design from 6 plus years ago. Audi alloys. Dropped back on adjustable plates but not my much I like the front down hotrod look. Plus in norfolk and where it lives you can't have it much lower I keep hitting the rear sump oil nut as it is let alone the front axle.
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  12. Wow
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  13. Looks abit different now :)
  14. [​IMG]

    Lowered by about 3-4 inch, changing wheels at the end of the month, as I'm sick of picking hubcaps up.

    Currently on stock steelies painted black, I think I've only got one hubcap actually left on the van now. The other 3 are dotted about the English countryside :)
  15. Your bus looks stunning mate, one of my all time faves!!
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  16. Spo
    Spongebob have you notched the rear to go that low?? Can you please post your specs...........pleasey
  17. Thanks, I hope the new wheels do it justice. :)

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