Lets see your lowered late bays

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  1. Posting up tyre sizes and how they were lowered (and by how much) too would be useful.
  3. [​IMG]
    Both with wagenswest dropspindlers up front, original heihgt back.
    195/65-15 at the back, 185/65.15 front
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  4. [​IMG]
    Lowered by fitting 1 wife, 2 kids, 4 bikes, 1 tent, 2 weeks worth of clothes, 100's of shoes, loads of bags and even a bag full of bags, plus tonnes of other stuff !!! ???
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  5. 165/55r15 tyres, 4" narrowed beam, drop spindles, adjustable spring plates and the chassis has been notched,

  6. [​IMG]

    Red 9 Suspension at the front on the middle setting and spring plates at the rear. Could go alot lower if I didn't have the scooby sump :(

    The chassis was notched by the previous owner because he had it much lower but I will be welding them back up.

    15" wheels all round with 65 at the rear at 60's at the front
  8. 72wilma

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    Wilma's lowered but not so much that the dog can't escape under if she's in the mood.
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    Wilma, Lord Congi and Moira at tlb tatton park winter bbq last year

    She's lowered by 4" all round, bus boy adjusters, on standard wheels with van tyres, it's about as low as we can go on Liverpool's potholed roads, bumpy farm tracks and rough ground on campsites.
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  11. Cut and turn front beam and adjustable spring plates at the rear. 175 tyres at front and 185 at rear.

    By hippyhough at 2011-08-12
  12. CraigyP, It's a 2,5 inch drop
  14. None of these vans look low enough IMO (apart from spongebob's)

    Not that mine is any lower but I crave serious slammage
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  15. come on guys you are forgetting the how the thread started. (Posting up tyre sizes and how they were lowered (and by how much) too would be useful.) it would be helpful as looking to lower so interested in the differant set ups and tyre sizes! :)
  16. No pics yet, they will follow, Robbie is going on air, scrapping his asssss!

    Running 195x40x17x 7s on the front, 205 x 45x17x7s on the rear

    How low can you go??? ;D

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