Lets see your lowered late bays

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  1. lush bus
  3. I would love to have mine finished lost a bit of motivation at the moment just cant seem to get time to get out there
  5. crossdresser ?
  7. The indicators are recessed into the bumper. Very small you will have to zoom in to see.

    These vents have been completely filled in and there is no heat exchanger to be seen anywhere. So less cold air coming through but still chilly on a cold day. We have run propex if it is very cold while driving. But only in winter months.
  9. Liking that - smooth lines :)
  10. Getting there :)




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  13. Right Mark. The next time I see you I will get Marley to fart in your bus ;)

  17. [​IMG]

    CSP adjusters on front beam with a 4" drop, and adjusted 1 spline at the back

  18. Missing mine :(

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