Lets see your lowered late bays

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  1. Bernie, what size are those back tyres ? Bus looks fantastic, big like :)
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  3. pj


    here's a couple of pics of mine grazing in a field last year...




    running red 9 coils up front with 165/50s, rear has adjustable springplates and a little chassis notch, running 195/65s

    lovin your stance ade t!!
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  4. [​IMG]

    Red 9 4-5.5 inch with 175/55/15 in front and at the rear 185/65/15 with notched springplates and a very very little notch.

    edit: not at his lowest position in front 8)
  6. love yours chris! what stickers do you have on the back? is a speed warning one or something?
  7. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1360358386.502932.jpg

    Work in progress lol
  8. maybe ;), its down Pembrey way.
  9. Update.....
    Fitted my new rack today and have dropped the back to level it off a bit.

    'The look' im after is starting to come together now....

    and later in evening with my board on roof too

    Doesnt fit in the garage now though!o_O
  10. I like the wheels, are they 15"'s
  11. Yeah there 15's of an old merc, had them refurbed off ebay cheap. just had to drill the bolt holes to accept 14mm bolts

    Got hold of some nice deep steels off a bmw 1 series but would need adaptors for pcd (shame)
  12. thats a lovely bus :) what wheels are these? theres a set on a T25 at work and i really like them, wondered what they would look like on my bay, and now i have a pretty good idea! and the answer is very nice indeed! :)
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  13. [​IMG]
    Untitled by chris_r582, on Flickr

    Running on Red9 coilovers on the front with 165/65/15 and droped splines on the back with 185/55/15 (i think) on the back. its about 4 inchs all round from standard.
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  14. What colour green is this! Nice stance!
  15. Thought I recognized the building. :)
  16. They are known as "Interceptors" or "Cyclone" steel wheel's (or chromed) and come in a five stud pattern for late bays or a 4 stud pattern for late bugs.

    Oh by the way they are like hens teeth to find a good set these days m8.
  17. cheers man, appreciate the help! and thats cool, i will find some from somewhere..
    plus the time spent searching means i can save so i can afford them when i do!! haha :)
  18. Back in October just on a cut beam and and dropped splines on the rear.

    Doing a K&L conversion in march narrowed and adjustable beam, with spring plates at the back with BIG notches

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  19. It's D.I.Y shop green :) aka house brand paint
  20. Very very nice :) :)
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