Lets see your lowered late bays

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  1. wow - that green bus must be massive!!
  3. Not posted on here for a while so I thought id show you my ride.....
    My '74 Bay, its getting there but work always in progress, Im in the middle of making small rear notches, I will post picture soon.

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  4. ^ great look to it! how have you lowered the front, adjusters or dropped spindles?
  5. yeah sorry forgot to post that.

    front has transportehaus reversed spindles and a 4" adjustable home made beam

    rear is on horsehoes & adjustable springplates. horseshoes are on so I dont have to notch for the A arms, just the shafts.

    im in the middle of choosing wheels & tyres, im thinking possibly 16 steels on rear and 15's on front or 15's steelies all round. i think 16's would look great but to get the overall wheel diameter similar to what it is now, to keep it low without tubbing is going to be difficult, hence I think 15 on front would suffice. 16's on rear to keep more rim showing. a nice set of whitewalls too.... what you think?
  6. how do you find the handling on transporterhaus parts, any good?

    I think it looks great as it is - lowered but not ridiculously low its undriveable! have you got anymore pics to share
  7. I cant fault the parts to be onest, not had a problem. He always sorts me out too.
    Its far from undriveable as it is, its quite comfy, even on caddy shocks on the front. it could happily drop another 1" or 2". Low & slow is the way forward....
    Ive got some more pictures il post shortly, ive got to put my build thread together too. its coming along, its my first air cooled and im quite proud to say I have made 99% of things on it, including the r&r bed hinges etc. its changing all the time so not all pictures are the same.
  8. cool, I'm toying with lowering our westy a little at the front but dont want to cut the beam etc!

    I'll look forward to seeing more pics :D
  9. A few more for you....




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  10. excellent, he's got plenty of character ;D
  11. very cool 8)
  12. cheers guys ;D
  13. My old 79 Panel from looooong ago.
    Front lowered with a much modified Foxy adjuster set up.
    Rear lowered my adjusting inner & outer splines untill it sat right ( guessing about 2 & 3/4 splines ).
    Bugpack short shocks all round.
    185/60x14 tyres on stock rims.
    Rode truly truly horrible & massively under geared because of the teeny tyres.
    The worse riding Vdub I ever owned.
    Last saw it in Croydon about 8 years ago & was painted black.
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  14. Looks good though!
  16. Im with ya on that one fellow Rusty. This bus just has 'THE LOOK' without even trying too hard

  17. Mine on our way to Cornwall last year
    Lowered with drop spindles in the front and a spline at the rear although the front rubs now and again if I hit some humps to fast and get a bit of a bounce on hope some stiffer shocks will sort that out any recommendation would be great
  18. ^ nice :thumbsup:
  20. you get my thumbs up fella she looks as cool as Penguin Pee

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