Lets see your lowered late bays

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    I love this bus.....bet those overriders drag like a monkey's knuckles... :)
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    On The Way To Vanfest
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    T2D 4" narrowed beam dropped spindles gas shocks lowered one spline at the back with bump stops trimmed. 65 profile on the front 75 on the rear.
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  4. those white slots are the bomb!
  5. [​IMG]

    type 2 detectives narrowed adjustable beam, type2detectives dropped ball joint spindles [a must for the older vw enthusiast!] adjustable coilover shocks and 175/55 continentals up front
    adjustable spring plates at the back with 185/65's................soon to go bigger when we get a set of slots banded
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  6. God I love your bus so much Mandy

    We really are not worthy.

    Stunning paint job.

  7. you are too kind......that sort of comment could go to my head and I'll end up 'blanking' you at a show [topical] lol
  8. before

    One day lowering in the slamtember, Beam adjusters, T2D Slam Shocks,Low profile front tyres and had to get new rear shocks

    Handles so much better :)
  10. I'm not to sure on the back, but I just had the one day lowering with all the extras.
    Have a look on t2d lowering guild
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    disco bus

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  14. here's mine running Transporterhaus drop spindles up front, standard beam, horseshoes on the rear 185 70 14's at the rears 175 65 14 up front
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