Lets see your lowered late bays

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  1. Yep, if it's a double, there's just room to get it in to the side, the winder arm is usually right in the centre.
  2. Nah just a 8' single, never mind will need to stay at the inlaws roller door garage.
  3. Loving the thread!
  4. [​IMG]
    2.5" drop spindles
    4" type 2 detectives narrowed beam
    Type 2 detectives Adjustable rear Spring plates
    Shortened steering arms
    Cut down bumps stops
    195 75 15 and 195 50 15 tyres
    No chassis mods
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  5. How does it drive?
  6. Not great at the moment serious tyre rubbing on the front, apart from that the ride is great.
    Some wheel arch tubs would be the ideal solution but don't want to start cutting up such a mint body
  7. VW Herritage 6cm dropped spindles at the front, with no change at the rear (yet). Tyres appear to be 185/70/r14 all round (arm).

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  8. beam adjusters about two inch drop, rear one spline, 185/65/15 tyres all round, spax shocks up front, doesn't drive too bad, better than when I first bought it, photo taken in Whitby, thought it was a nice backdrop, for a car park :)
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  9. Nice photo, nice place but for a moment I thought you had an abbey attached to your roof! Would be all right for an itinerant preacher.
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  10. Think they may be getting raised, hard to tell?
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  11. Hi it's got an adjustable front beam and adjustable spring plates. Front beam looks narrow but is standard but with boxter disks front and rear with teledials 185 65 15s front and 195 rear. Rear arches are level with the top of the Alloys so 3 or 4 inches I think
  12. is that at whitby ?
  13. Yes whitby last summer. After a couple of days camping at robin hoods bay
  14. nice looking van that..
  15. The proverbial can of worms has been opened, and I'm here looking at what others have done...

    Front - single Foksy adjuster on front beam, 2.5" dropped spindles - 175/65/14C load rated tyres.

    Rear - standard 185R14C tyres, adjustable springplates, 3 splines down? chassis notching imminent as the driveshafts and suspension arms have about 5mm of travel.


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  16. Looks damn nice though @Kruger
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  17. Do you mind telling me the lowering method used here, love this stance and would love to replicate

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