Lets see your lowered late bays

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  1. hi, it's been lowered by about 4-5 inch's, dubwerks in Skelton carried out the work for us, just on adjustables, chassis had to be notched a little too. It's more comfortable than it was, uprated the shocks in the end to improve the ride.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Transporterhaus drop/flipped spindles
    Adjusters on standard beam (set at max height)
    Budget coil over shocks on front
    Creative adjustable sprint plates
    Continental VancoContact 2 175/70 R14C's up front and Continental Vanco 2 185/75 R14C's on the rear.
    Rides really nice and have never had any tyre rubbing to date.
  3. [​IMG]my pride and joy!!
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  4. Love this.

    Them overriders
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  5. that looks sweet. do you drive at that height or is it on air?
  6. wow thats some bloody low profile tyres! looks awesome !
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  7. it's not on air rob.e it's on full hydraulics, you can drive that low but its high risk and the road needs to be billard table smooth. i drive with it slightly raised higher. The suspension is really handy for getting onto car ferries/campsites etc, the suspension used to be static/solid and the wife had a proper melt down :mad: the last time we went to Guernsey, the ferry crew had to bring all sorts of scaffold planks out to help us get on the ferry! :)
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  8. What's it like with hydraulics is it a harsh ride?

    Also ever had any problems with lines bursting?

    Do a low rider bounce for us ;)

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  9. The hydraulics set the ride height, it's the spring box that gives you your comfort although we do have the harder springs due to the van weight and not wanting to suffer from sea sickness. We did fancy going with air but space is such a premium inside the van couldn't justify the extra space stolen by the air tank so went hydraulic.

    No problems with lines bursting, system has been in use for just on a year

    I'll pass on a low rider bounce:oops:

    the only problem we've had is the battery going in the remote control :)
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  10. 20170218_164953-979x1305.jpg Taken yesterday. 20170218_164935-979x1305.jpg
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  11. 20170218_165026-1224x1632.jpg
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  12. vintage autohaus/ french slammer

    20525287_1382855718418197_7470527886319527817_n.jpg 20526211_1382855601751542_34429772646203553_n.jpg 20476446_1382855605084875_1577967352161538219_n.jpg
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  15. Thank you very much, but my names not Westy it's Bazza
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  16. :thumbsup:
  17. Yes so do I :)
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  18. not my bus :)

    looks good though doesn't it?
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  19. It does!

    I've a set of Transporterhaus spindles and arms ready to compliment my gas burners :). I'm hoping for roughly the same stance as that, but expecting the current tyres will need replacing as well! :)

    My bodywork isn't nearly as good tho!
  20. Just had a flick thru this whole thread (to make sure I'm doing the right thing) and it's a real shame that Photobucket have changed their policy, it really ruins a massive online resource :(

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