Lets see your lowered late bays

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Zebedee, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. I'm sure they will, going to post a pic of my van in january after its had some lowering work done by Matt at Balls'd.....can't wait
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  2. Very nice:) what size tyres?
  3. Thanks, 205x 70 I think :)
  4. 4" narrowed on king and link pin and dropped spindles, rear adjustable spring plates, front tubs, front and rear chassis notches.
  5. thanks for replying spongebob, sorry to ask so many questions but when you mention rear chassis notches are they the big notch plates that you see being welded in? or just very minor notches. Thanks
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  7. I haven't had the big plates welded in but they are quite big notches
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  9. Cheers dude! :)
  10. Hmmm.

    NEVER!!! :)
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  11. Correct answer. Keep this, its great ;)
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  12. cheers spongebob!!
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  13. Is this on std wheels and tyre size?
  14. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    Yes, lowered by 81a in Southport
  15. Cheers ,thanks for the reply
  16. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1453241688.102143.jpg

    Lowered 2 inches
  17. Is that a standard sized Horman up n over garage door?
  18. It is.
  19. Cheers, good to know it will fit. although I have an electric opener that has an extra arm on it so van may still be too high to fit in.

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