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  1. Glass houses houses.
  2. My friend was sent to prison last year for excessive burping.

    He’s finally been let out with a pardon.
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  4. Can’t be very good Seals if it takes 10 of them to beat up 1 fella ;)
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  5. And 10 of em in a jeep :)

    Are we pulling the joke to bits :oops:
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  6. I was in hospital and a consultant said "I'm sorry but we're going to amputate your legs. However, it's not all bad news."
    "I'm losing my legs!! What's the good news?" I enquired.
    He said "Mr Jones in the end bed wants to buy your slippers."
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  7. I’ve just found some old photo’s of when I was a boxer. If you turn them on their side it looks like I’m standing up.
  8. Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,best one for ages and ages :)
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    COAT :D
  10. I suffer from tinnitus.

    I tried calling the help line the other day, but there was no answer.

    It just kept ringing.
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  11. You sure it was a jeep,or a Hummer,as that would fit more in…
  12. Said jeep in the joke :hattip:
  13. I recently joined the Autopsy Society
    Can't wait till next week
    Its Open Mike Night
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  14. I went to my premature ejaculation meeting this morning. Turns out it’s tomorrow.
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  16. Billy Joel can make all the false accusations about video game consoles he wants but Wii didn't start the fire!!
  17. Did you say it was a green Barbour? :rolleyes:
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