Interesting fact about Frome.(Said like ‘Broom’).

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  1. There is the canoe club, next to the Cheese and Grain, where bands like Bad Manners, The Selecter, Bruce Foxton from The Jam, and The Foo Fighters ( real ones), play, sometimes.
    ( That’s if that bloody boy racer Button, isn’t ripping up the tarmac).
    We have a great festival here every year (apart from this one), too!
    (Not sure the biggest rock bands in history play Barnsley, mind...).
  2. From the same year :)
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  3. doesn’t look sunny enough for Barnsley and where’s the palm trees.
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  4. They have to use filters on the lens :thumbsup:
  5. Wasn’t Barnsley going to be twinned with Frome, once?
  6. No coal was ever found under Frome and it wasn't found to have the correct amount of sunny days in the year. So sadly Frome missed out on that one :)
  7. Those hair-dos :eek:
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  8. Barnsley is actually pronounced Fbarnsley. Like Bfroome.
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  10. Nice stretch Granada though. Classy!
  11. Some nice old vehicles...recognised some of the people (girls) on the floats.....and a note to all the doubters...see, the sun was shining ( as always .)
  12. I had to go to Birkenhead once,
    A guy up there asked me where I was From.
    I said Frome in Somerset.
    His reply was “Isnt it all caravan parks and camping, down there?”
    I told him “ Yes, as soon as you go south of Bristol, that’s exactly what it is, until Lands End, in Cornwall”.
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