Interesting fact about Frome.(Said like ‘Broom’).

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  1. So you didn't see my earlier post then.;)
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  2. It probably does but it's one of those silent B's
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  3. I used to live in the farm, down the hill towards Vallis, from there.
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  4. Yes...just....:thumbsup:
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  5. My daughter commented that Bristolians look down on the people who move from London to Frome and then act like they are living out in the sticks with the yokels.
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  6. Some names of places change forever where dialects change slightly in time . locals will pronounce names slightly different in time ,then it gets recorded on maps and that's it .
    For example , as we are talking Somerset area .
    Everyone travelling down the M5 passing through the gap between crook peak and Loxton The Webbington Hotel nestled in to the hill on your left heading south .The name Webbington was Weaventon in 1833 .
    Alton Staffs, near Alton Towers was Averton local dialect alteration changes the name in time ...oddly there is a farm at Alton still known as Averton Fm and the local pub is still called the Averton Arms .

    The case with Frome has gone on sounding as if spelt Froom .haven't got a map of Yeovil & Frome 1830, interesting to know if it was spelt different then and kept it's original sounding ...the opposite way from the previous 2 mentioned .
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  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    We look down on people who move from London to Bristol as well! Frome is not alone.
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  8. She used to live in a flat (damp, dilapidated on the top storey of a big house) in Canynge Square in Clifton, and the big expensive cars parked round there there all fired up at about 0600 for the commute. I used to enjoy worrying/annoying the locals by driving round there in my bus..
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  9. As far as I know, when it was established in 13 hundred and froze to death, it was pronounced Froom.
  10. Thing that bugs me, is that there are a few second homers FromLondon,that make the house prices out of reach for my generations children that have lived here all their lives. I was born here in the 60’s, my mum and dad were born here in the ‘30’s.
    Another thing, is that I’ve met a few Londinians that say The’ve lived here for 15/20 odd years, and they say “you might as well say I’m from Frome”.
    Makes my pi ss boil, as they Havnt seen how decrepit the place was in the ‘90’s, when most of the shops were boarded up.( although, I think that’s happening again soon...).
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  11. Easy solved, stop selling to Cockney types. Then I suppose folk can't gush about how much money they 'made' after selling.
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  12. it’s a Bristol thing, there’s quite a few that look down on lots of peeps and that includes me with my scabby old van:)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,but what do I care :);):)
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  13. Tell the estate agents on commission, that...
  14. It probably wont die as much as London. Frome for Zoom Town status I expect.

    They say that house prices in small towns and villages near nice places with some sort of Internet coverage are going up because there is little point in going to London these days.
    The Russians can have it.
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  15. Next solution, do what Wales did. Sell em then burn em out :thumbsup:
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  16. "Recorded in several spellings including Frome, Froom, and Froome, this is a medieval English surname, but of truly ancient origins. It derives from the Ancient British word 'ffraw' meaning 'fair water', through the later 'ffram' meaning 'sparkle', so that in effect the meaning is 'sparkling river'. There are a number of River Frome's in England as well as several place names as Frome and Froome, and any or all can be responsible for the origin of the surname. Surnames from place names are locational, and often given to people after they have left their original homesteads to move elsewhere. In this case the town of Frome in Somerset is first recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of the year 705 a.d., making it one of the very earliest of all place recordings."

    Read more:
  17. Cornish trick,too.
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  18. It's a split digraph; blame the Victorians for the standardisation of spellings :)
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  19. I shouldn't worry too much about the standardisation of spelling if people who use Facebook are anything to go by!
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  20. Mind you I only went in a butcher's shop in Glastobury because they claimed to be selling local kimchi (closest European form would be sauerkraut with chilli) ..

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