Interesting fact about Frome.(Said like ‘Broom’).

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soggz, Nov 7, 2020.

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    It’s not quite Notting hill is it....:D
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  4. I thought it was Rio for a minute...
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  5. It used to be great!
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    Frome is at the end of the taxi drivers faith trail. It is a solitary walk of faith that begins in east grimstead undertaken by shaven headed figures that chant wheretoguv continually whilst on the lone walk that should take a week during which they fast and swear allegiance to the god of meters.

    Unfortunately a lot seem to take longer than a week stating they were avoiding roadworks and took a slightly detoured route.
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  7. I've just clicked on this to find this thread is not about the Tour de France winning cyclist Froomey
  8. Are Brunt's haulage still going Soggz ?
  9. Yes, as far as I know.
  10. You should come here. It’s very quaint.
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  11. yes down hapsford
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    Frome was the setting for 20000 leagues under the sea.
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    Jules Verne is buried in Frome some say he drowned in his study when he opened a window
  14. How deep does that make Brent Knoll .
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  15. Could be.
    Theres a biggest ‘Steam Punk’ thing going on here...
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    Yes I've heard of this ,they have to walk barefoot,eat nothing but chips and carry a sack of loose change while being shouted at by drunk fares
  17. I think that’s the same everywhere...
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  19. Superb actually saw Basil Fawty..Must have been the incumbent at The George..we stayed once it was a hoot and most welcoming .

    I believe that kayaking competitions are held on the "brisk flowing river" that gives its name to the town from the old English "ffraw "meaning sparkling water, so much for San Pellegrino then.
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