Hello! Would love your advice/suggestions.

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  1. I had no idea that there was even such a thing! think the roof rack and box might be easier whilst I'm a novice, but thanks.
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    Hi @Victoria myself and LeF are in dept 17 just north of Saintes west coast, you are welcome to use the garden.
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  3. PIE


    What about one of these?? Click on the thumbnail
  4. Thank you Someone. That's so kind, would be great. All things going to my (very vague) plan I think I'd be around that area in September/October.
  5. Wow that's really cool, love the wheel spinning around have never seen anything like it! I just don't think I'd ever find a space big enough to park when I'm out and about. I already need a space bigger enough to two vans with my parking skills, hehe
  6. Nay,nay and thrice NAY !

    If you need to take a trailer you`re doing it wrong - you`d be suprised how little you actually need to travel .
    Start with the basics and pick things up as and when you need them , even a roof box would be an extravagance but far better than a trailer which as you`ve realised could be more of a burden than it`s worth .
    As well as a few spares pick up a sunshade rather than an awning which will just take up space and be a faff - a sunshade will fit in a carrier bag and can be up and down in a minute .

    Get to techenders and have a chat - it`s a really chilled out weekend :thumbsup:

  7. listen to @Lasty he has done it!

    Less is more
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    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Vague plans are the best.
  9. hi and welcome if u need to know/learn bait about these buses there is a weekend event next month and its run by a few of us on here but normally has 30/40 t2s all different models and basically we all meet at this campsite doing odd jobs from window seals and engine mods oil changes ect has been known to drop an engine before and rebuild it to get some 1 home its called techenders and people travel from all corners of the uk there is a thread and this is were i learnt everything also we have a good drink on the evening !! can give u some great ideas to !!
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  10. We use an old trunk, found in a skip outside a school, on the roof rack. Great for stuff she doesn't like inside such as spare petrol, oil, etc. Got a ladder that is padlocked to the rack. In France we have used the free aires for years and never had a problem.
  11. thanks @Lasty and @paulcalf I will try my best not to take to much (not sure how well I'll do)
    I think the van came with an awning, have to admit not had a chance yet to look at it or attempt to put it up...it did look quite big. Will look into the sunshade, are there any makes you'd recommend?
  12. Bonjour...:hattip:

    Sounds very exciting....:thumbsup:
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    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    As for a roof box I'm with the if stuff ain't got a place/cupboard inside we don't need it, only two things sit in the cargo area are toilet and coolbox everything else has a cupboard.
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  14. Hi 1973Daisey and thanks . I'm going to try come along, it sounds the exact place I need to get me up to speed on the van...and fun too :)
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  15. Thanks Sick Boy. That's what I was hoping to put in there...along with wet dog towels, digger is forever finding muddy puddles or ponds to jump in! Do you find it says dry enough? Although hopefully it won't be too rainy whilst I'm away.
  16. your not touring England are you?:D
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  17. There are a few threads on here about sunshade and rain shelters.

    There are some amazing ones such as http://www.puddle-jump.co.uk/ but they may eat into your holiday budget!

    Other people have made their own cheaper ones from adjustable tent poles and tarpaulins.

    It can be hard not to take too much, my partner and I seem to take the same amount for two days camping as we do for a week. You really don't need much in hotter climates though. I did 3 months backpacking in India and didn't need most of the stuff I took.

    Taking a roof box just means you will take more stuff. I would go with @someone suggestion: everything in a specific place. You definitely need a dry run packing your van with everything you think you may need and then going away in it.

    I've never done more than a week away in my van, so listen to the advice of the hardcore members who have done long trips!
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  19. Totally agree but unfortunately the interior design has the rock and roll bed taking up the whole width of the van, great for sleeping but not so good for storage. I just don't think I'll get everything in...but I'm going to try the packing it up and heading away for a night to see.
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