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  1. Hi all,

    I’ve recently brought a 1972 Bay T2 and am heading over to France, Spain and Italy for a 6 month adventure with my Labrador Digger! It’s very exciting and very never-racking all at the same time.

    I’d love some help and advice as I’m trying to work out how I can fit everything in and as I don’t have a pop up roof have decided to get a roof rack. Does anyone know of a nice looking roof box that would be in keeping? The only ones I can only find new looking ones more suitable for cars.

    Thanks so much

  2. Welcome ,I'm hopefully doing Spain and Portugal this July ,I'm just gonna travel light plus make an inventory of parts I will need, spare clutch cable etc, roof racks a great idea :thumbsup:
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  3. Hi Lord Congi
    Thanks. Hadn't even thought about spare parts...clutch cable! Although I am going to have a quick course from my local garage before I leave so I'm they'll suggest some things.
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  4. yeh id go large roof rack , take a few service spares too ,plugs ,points if you have points , condenser and cables like clutch handbrake and accelorator and obviously a small container of oil for top ups . small essentials tool kit and breakdown cover , at least then if you cant fit things they can do it for you at road side. Also red triangles n viz jackets , bulb kit is good idea and beam reflectors . Lots more others will add ,have fun victoria and digger and get lots of pics for us to see .:thumbsup:
  5. Welcome to the forum!
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    Make sure your insurance and recovery covers you for Europe and read the small print on what that cover means on the ground.

    Some are far better than others.

    If you are new new to VW, and assuming the garage you use know old VW's, I'd get them to give yours a thorough inspection and ask them to recommend a spares list...and whatever phones you have make sure data roaming isn't extortionatly high when abroad.
  7. Good advice from Moons...
    3 network has coverage in those countries and there is no extra charge over your UK tarrif.
    Most classic insurers only offer 90 days Euro cover. We use Lancaster for longer trips.
    Check with AA info or such like regarding what safety kit you need in each country as per Barney. For example, the Traffico police in Spain could fine you if you don't have 2 warning triangles and 2 pairs of glasses (if you need them for seeing)!
    Mrs Monkey & I met a lone travelling English lady in a split screen in a lay-by in L'Aquila, high in the mountains on the way to Rome. It was our free camping spot for the night. Vicarious Publications do books detailing free/low cost overnight stops for Europe. You are going to have a blast!

    Mrs Monkey chatting to Amy in her splitty 'Lily'
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    Hello & Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
  9. Honestly, take less stuff. There's loads of room in a camper for what you need. If you need more stuff buy it when you're there. Having said that we take loads of stuff and it fits, 2 adults 2 kids, 4 bikes 2 surfboards, 4 wetsuits, barbecue, awning, one double duvet and 2 single duvets, 4 propper pillows, tools, spares etc. etc. but we do use it all. How do we fit it all in, vacuum bags, JML's gift to travelling in a camper van.

    Have a great trip.
  10. Thanks Barneyrubble! I definitely will leave it to the professionals to fix but much better if I at least have the parts.
  11. Thanks Moons. I'm trying to work out the best way to deal with phone/data I'm thinking of getting sims cards when there. Although not actually sure how I do that. Have you done much travelling in Europe, any suggestions on mobile phones/data would be really appreciated.
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    This piece of elegant engineering was in the car park at work a couple of years ago. ;)

  13. Thanks Surfari. Wow that's a lot to fit in but get fun I'm sure!
  14. Thanks MorkC68
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  15. Thanks BusMonkey.
    I'll speak to someone at 3 network today, sounds like a good plan. Luckily when I got the van I knew I was going to away for a few months so they put it in the policy but they were the only ones who would offer it. Didn't know about the glasses in spain will make sure I pack two pairs, thanks.
    It's good to hear there are other solo woman travelling in campers. I do sometimes think what am I doing!?!
    Thanks for tip on Vicarious, will take a look.
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    3 seem to be advertising Europe wide coverage....worth an ask on a pay as you go sim.

    Me, travel Europe?! It's fully of Johnny Foreigner types, and other strangers....

    It feels exotic when I go outside of the Midlands...but I'll admit to some envy with how adventurous you are....
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  17. you need to take me im good with tiewraps n gaffa tape
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  18. Hello Colonial Contingent!
    A very elegant roof box...was thinking of something perhaps with a little more colour
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  19. Haha. Adventurous or Naive...I'll let you know in 6 months.
  20. haha

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