Hello! Would love your advice/suggestions.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Victoria, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Just like Manchester :thumbsup:
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  2. Have you thought of taking a small trailer?
  3. take some cable long stuff some crocodile clips tiewraps spare fuses or fuse wire tape and a multimeter as part of your kit the (isulated cable) should be long enuff to reach length of van just in case
  4. jivedubbin

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    Nylon string ,it can be used as an emergency accelerator cable ,out of the window and and through the air in take ,and also doubles as a washing line .
  5. Merlin Cat

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    Hello @Victoria :)

    Sounds v exciting! My partner and I did 6 months France and Spain about 10 yrs ago, tho in a T4. We were looking for where we would want to live in Spain so that was (kind of) our main purpose. We had a bike rack with a fiamma box on. We also got a safe box bolted through the floor as didn't fancy getting our passports/wallets nicked.

    Are you wild camping or staying on sites? We were a bit )lot) nesh as not sure if it was safe for two women to park up middle of nowhere to stuck mainly to camp sites. We now think we prob would have been fine wild camping as long as we didn't stop any where muppety! :)

    In Spain you need vehicle docs, warning triangles, hi viz vest, spare bulbs, and I'm taking @busmonkey better knowledge, 2 pairs glasses if req.

    Are you going in the summer? We went oct-mar and cocked up on no winter tyres so got stuck in Switzerland :oops: If you are in a snowy part of Spain without winter tyres/chains etc the Guardia can fine you.

    Take lots water, esp for Digger if Spain in the summer . My new changed wheel came loose one summer on the mway in Spain. Almost 50 degrees and as the hard shoulder narrow I decided not to stay in the van. I was flipping scorchio and ended up sitting under a bush in a ditch until the tyre man came and found me :) luckily I always carried lots drinking water!

    Buen Viaje!

    Ps @someone and @lost-en-france both live in France :)
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  6. Flakey

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    Hello from Cheshire.

    Welcome to the forum Victoria, sounds like an exciting trip, good luck, hope you can put some pictures up and keep us up with your progress.
    Some good suggestions already, the old suitcase/steamer trunk look might work on a 72, need some waterproofing though!
  7. Van, dog and trip all look great!

    Before buying a new roof rack, get out everything you plan on taking, pack it into the van and then go camping for at least a weekend.

    See how easy it is to move around in the van with all that stuff, then decide to ditch all non essentials stuff! Most vans have plenty of spaces to hide things away. Currently under my van back seat I have two chairs, two tables, a wind break, safari chef gas bbq, 6kg of gas, various tat, 4 speakers and an amp! Its amazing what you can fit in a van

    You only really need your passport, the dogs passport, money, good breakdown cover and a few spare parts. If you really need something else you will be able to buy it on your travels.

    If you do encounter any van problems the lovely people on the forum will try to be helpful - they provided great help when I was on the Isle of White with a broken clutch.

    If you can - attend Techenders, a field of van lovers helping each other with their vans or talking nonsense. You could even get some face to face tips from those who have done similar Euro trips such as @theBusmonkey @Merlin Cat @Lasty


    Have a great trip
  8. Hi Pudelwagen, good idea but with no power steering I struggle parking just the van with a trailer I'd never find a space big enough hehe
  9. Had to google a few of those items, I've very new to the world of vans and mechanics. thanks for the suggestions.
  10. thanks, will add to list but hopefully only have to use it as a washing line!
  11. Thanks Merlin Cat, will have a look at the Fiamma box this evening.
    Was thinking of starting with campsite and then trying wild camping and also the France Passion stops at vineyards, farms.
    Going this summer so will definitely take lots of drinking water as you've suggested and also thinking about a foldable paddling pool for digger. V
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  12. Thanks Flakey. Will definitely be taking lots of photos and might start a blog, will keep you posted.
    Old suitcase/trunk w would look great...Ill see what's about and if they can be weather proof.
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  13. Thanks Paulcalf. Great idea for camping for the weekend, so far I've only driven it around about.
    I'm so pleased to have found this forum, such great advice from everyone and will try and come along to the Techenders. I need any many tips as I can get!
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  14. Merlin Cat

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    I've had another thought re storage. The fiamma box was lockable so we could leave it on the van. Or, if we were at a site and off exploring we could leave it in the awning :)

    We stopped off and had a couple of tours in Northern Spain at wine places. We went to this one and another I've forgotten !


    One was organised within a group, the other I wrote to and although they didn't do proper tours I explained we were driving back to the UK and a lady showed us round on our own and gave us a little boxes bottle of wine as a gift :)
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  15. Thanks Merlin Cat. It looks great was thinking it would be fun to visit some along the way!
  16. rickyrooo1

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  17. would you consider pulling a small trailer?
  18. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I've got a folding caravan soon to be for sale :)
  19. Thanks Rickyrooo1 they look great, will start following them.
  20. Hi Brucieboy, I'm not quite brave enough for a trailer. Parking the van is difficult enough for me but perhaps next year when I get better.

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