Hello! Would love your advice/suggestions.

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  1. knife skills need attention o_O
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  2. A few have thought that at the start! :rolleyes:
  3. haha
  4. A few hours late to the party, but Hello and Welcome to the forum from down south in the depths of the New Forest. Spending the summer travelling round Europe sounds like a fab idea, good on ya :)
    Hope to see you at Techenders before you head off.
  5. Hi Scrooge95. New Forest is beautiful part of the world, perfect for driving around!
    Absolutely, looking forward to Techenders. Might actually find out how the van works, hehe
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  6. Nice!
  7. I unhook the trailer before I park! The problem with the trailer is that it will take up space on the ferry so it's really a tradeoff between what you need and how much space it requires. When we take three dogs and the grandchildren out, there ain't much room for food boxes, portaloos etc but if you haven't got too many passengers, there will be quite a lot of storage space - but where do you put it all when the bed's unfolded??
  8. Love it
  9. It's just the dog and I so will hopefully have enough room, especially if i get some boxes for the roof...the search continues!
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  10. Ah well, I did a lot of asking, a lot of advice from @theBusmonkey and @Dicky and others, did most things several times blah blah and of course spent a ridiculous amount of money and even more time. Also reacted to all the other buses i've had as well as the last one and completely changed my attitude from thinking if I had a hat and a duvet that would be fine, to fitting every luxury I used to relentlessly take the pee out of. :)
  11. Bit different living in one to just doing weekends and the odd holiday. I love it when people bang on about what you dont need.... Who always get hook up, dont cook or eat in the van, dont wash (it would seem) dont need fresh food in there and make a virtue of having a fridge to keep the beer cold ( thats fine but nothing else in there, just beer.).

    In all seriousness though, each the thier own and everyones van fulfils their purpose if they get it right. There are , however nazis on both sides who will tell you what you need as if its the law.

    Btw. Im getting there slowly with mine. I now know eactly how i want to finish it inside. Just dont have the skills or the maney at the moment but a very good friend may well have the kit to help me out.
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  12. @Dicky I used to love your van and that particular point it was at before you ripped it out the last time. Nothing flash, but ultimately practical. It seemed to have everything you might need and space too. I know it's in a state of flux now and will end up evey bit as good, but as you haven't got there yet I have to harp back.

    You could learn a lot from the @sANDYbAY 's interior too, another fine example of getting something from every square inch.

    And be mad not to take note of @theBusmonkey 's original style made better interior.

    All 3 interiors are completely different but all practical for longer term camping.

    Then there are interiors built for style with just a nod to practical. These typically look great and good to chill and get drunk in for a weekend.

    It's horses for courses.

    Try putting your trousers on in a tintop without lying down though, I hope you're a shorty. ;)
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  13. & if you can get hold of that saw, I'll help you with the rips;) (I'm assuming I know what kit you're on about..)
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  14. That's the nail you've hit when you say horses for courses.
    I'd recommend anyone to chill out with what they've got, use it & camp with it & travel with it before they make major changes. We had vans for over a decade before the last major refurb which was an accumulation of all the things we wanted aligned to how we use the bus.
    Even now, we take more than we use:rolleyes:
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  15. All of us are on our nth interior. Lol. Needs changed for me. We were a family of 4 x 6 footers, the interior was rammed to the roof to travel and spewed out into a huge awning. The bus was just a bed and some awkward cupboards that got unloaded when we arrived. We had 2 of those.
    Then I made the tintop one, putting style before practicality at every opportunity. 2 nights was enough and I never camped properly in it though it was nice to lounge about in I thought.

    Then this one. I've got older and softer so stuffed it with comforts, but even so, the more time I spend in it the bigger it seems to get inside. :thinking:
  16. My best thing, as I've never enjoyed using the rock and roll bed space, was fitting drawers and speakers in there. Big tools go in there too meaning I rarely have to grovel in the bliddy thing. Generally IMO drawers beat cupboards every time. Mmm soft close runners. :D somebody slap me...
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  17. Thanks Dicky. After 6 months I'm sure I'll have a long list of improvements to do next winter!
    Part of the fun...
    Good luck with your renovations, would love to see photos as it progresses.
  19. All sounds good zedders. Would be great to see any interior photos if people don't mind. Am looking forward to the meet up and getting lots of inspiration.
    I'm 5.5 so not that tall but still definitely not going to be that easy getting ready in the morning!
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  20. Great idea bus monkey. Will definitely wait awhile before any big modifications.

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