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  3. I've changed my Paypal account so my recurring payment won't work, my new paypal is the_beut@hotmail.co.uk if you want to set up a new one. :)
  4. My number 4 arrived today, thank you
  5. I've had two copies turner up individually today - is that because I have two subscriptions ?
  7. Thankyou Ned for another good read
  9. Sorry could you send your paypal address and I will chase it for you

  10. No probs, I can do better than the address thought, the Transaction ID is 6HE56026N88265055.


  11. [​IMG]

    Issue 5 due 16th March
  12. Issue 5 art work deadline tomorrow !!!
    We are completely sold out on advertising and there is now a waiting list for issue 6.

    Very sorry to any companies we could not fit in to this issue, We are looking to maybe extend the magazine by 16pages for the next issue so hopefully we can do an extra feature as well as hitting advertising demand.

    Thank you so much to all who have helped support Hayburner over the last year we could not have done it without you!

  13. It's because your content appeals to the average owner! Not re-registered yet but will do over the weekend as its pay day Thursday :)
  14. How do I register to receive my copy?
  15. ^^^^^^^^WHS^^^^^^^^ ^–^
  16. Thanks Robo!!!
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Ned, you have the best job ever, do you need someone to carry your bags? :D

    Re-registered at the new postage price & looking forward to receiving it, hopefully it will arrive before we go away at easter :D
  19. Win Win Win!
    Are you a Hayburner FREE magazine subscriber?
    As some of you may well know issue 5 has been sent off to print and we are expecting it back around 16th. If you have already subscribed or do so before the 16th of March you will be instantly entered in to our free prize draw were one subscriber will win a T-shirt, Hoodie, Iphone case, Stickers, Bug-tech calender, a pair of R.T.T.S tickets, Trucker hat and whatever else we can find!

    Subscribe of the cost of postage only at http://www.hayburner.co.uk/subscription.php

    Good Luck!

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