HAYBURNER free VW magazine.

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by nedfaux, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi, Sorry about that. Just checked for you.
    I cant see any reason you would not be getting them, Its strange you have been missing them since october.

    Could you send your address to hayburner@hotmail.co.uk that way we can get to the bottom of it and send out the missing issues.

    Again sorry for the confusion.
  2. I've heard a lot about Hayburner and seen the stickers everywhere but I did not know exactly what it was until I saw this thread. How do I go about getting myself a copy?
  3. All sorted, Mags in the post
  4. All here :) www.hayburner.co.uk
  5. Cheers Ned. Looking forward to receiving them :thumbsup:, is it all sorted for future issues too ;)
  6. Yep, I personally logged the address change :)
  7. its a great Mag, proper nice feel and read to it. Always makes me smile especially MNIPN...that good i bought the tshirt,
  8. Just signed up for a subscription. Looking forward to receiving my first copy and checking it out
  9. Me too:thumbsup:
  10. Added my name too :)
  11. [​IMG]

  12. I would :)

    where do you find them all?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I have to say, I was bitterly disappointed with your complete lack of,
    'Yes, I know Jamie Oliver had one with a Porsche engine' stickers at the weekend
    and consequently will not be accepting any further free copies of your magazine.
    Yours, Bernard aged twelve and a half.
  15. ^^^ Ha Ha Ha .
  16. Issue 12 available December 9th. Now with 14 full features and 128 Pages but still 100% FREE!
    Don't miss out over the winter, Subscribe for the price of postage only athttp://www.hayburner.co.uk/subscription.php
    Thank you for helping support the UK's FREE VW magazine.

  17. Just subscribed again after forgetting to renew after the first 4 issues. (Any chance if issues 11 as well)
  18. No problem, I will make sure one gets out to you.

    Just PM me you name.

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