HAYBURNER free VW magazine.

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    Hayburner is a 100% free full length, feature, size and quality VW publication (not an internet magazine) written by well known enthusiasts in the scene with some very interesting and different features. It is a quarterly magazine totally funded by sponsorship and advertising.

    It will be distributed at all major shows, business show rooms, with orders from some of the biggest parts distributers in the UK plus we offers a full subscription service for the cost only of 4 stamps.

    Hayburner is a free magazine which will always stay that way.

    If you feel you may have something to contribute stories, photos etc.... please sent to hayburner@hotmail.co.uk and receive free stuff!!

    Website under construction www.hayburner.co.uk

    Advertising space still available please email for details.


    Thanks for looking :)
  2. Looks very cool!
    Cant wait to read :D
  3. Looks cool.

    A dumbo question is a electronic based mag.

    If so will it be readable on the iPad.
  4. Nope its one you can read on the toilet. :)
  5. Cool.

    But I still read me pad on the can.
  6. The first issue will be a guaranteed run of 25,000 copies at 100-150 pages long. If we receive more support it can be a run of anything up to 100,000 copies!

    You dont get much for free in the VW scene but this is!
  7. Emailed regarding idea Ned ;)

    Good to see you getting this done O0
  8. How where when can we sign up for the mag.
  9. Great idea.. good luck all those concerned.. Can't be easy getting it off the ground
  11. Ned, how about a feature covering thelatebays 2nd Birthday bash at Run to the Hills? Me & Michelle will gladly do one for you
  14. I sure will, I'll drop you a line tomorrow mate
  15. Thanks for the support everyone! If any of you guys are at vanfest come grab some stickers! and join the facebook page! :) Hayburner ned http://www.facebook.com/
  16. Facebook request sent!
  17. Quality idea, can't wait to read it
  18. Can't find you on FB what name you under
  19. Hayburner Ned :)
  20. Have you got a stand at Vanfest???

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