HAYBURNER free VW magazine.

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by nedfaux, Sep 8, 2011.

  2. Hi ned , just to say havnt had mine yet?? Spect its on its way?
  3. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    :yeah that:

    When do we need to start getting upset?
  4. Hadn't really thought about mine as its alway a surprise when it drops through the door, but if your saying we should have received it by now then you had better add me to the list...

  5. issue 4 is due out 27th guys :)
  7. :D yippee roll on the 27th...not only will we be getting the xmas decorations out the loft ready for santa,but THE MIGHTY HAYBURNER arrives.
  9. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    I never got issue 3?

    I will PM you Ned.
  11. About 3 months ago I ordered 10 key drives off eBay that never turned up, seller did eventually send more but obviously didn't believe me!

    Anyway I've received a letter from Royal Mail today with the original packaging but no contents & the letter states that they have caught a member of staff with the packaging on them & that they are prosecuting them...

    Looks like someone will loose their job for the sake of £40, it really isn't worth it...
  12. Thanks for resending Issue 3, received it this mo, Cheers ; )
  14. Cheers Ned, issue 3 arrived this weekend. Thanks for sorting it out.

  16. We are receiving loads of messages/emails/phone calls asking when people will be getting their issue 4's.

    We have painstakingly gone through more than 3000 subscriptions over the last few days to rectify any problems and make sure none are missed.

    We have not even seen it yet but are expecting the issue 4 delivery today, We have everyone ready and waiting to pack and send (this takes a few days) but most should be on door steps by the weekend.

    Thank you for your patience. :)

  17. Hi Ned,

    Just sent you a PM
  18. Can't wait! :)
  19. Hey Ned, the email that came out today about subscription going up, (I'm guessing I'm not alone here) but the early subscribers had their £5.99 come out a week or two ago. Whats the easiest way to top you up the other couple of quid?



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