Gusbus, the 1973 LHD Tintop

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by MorkC68, Aug 13, 2011.

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    i wish i could spray like that - top job Mark :)
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  8. Im going to spray stonechip on the inside of my panels to help dampen the noise then over paint in body colour
  9. i love all your restorations - each one amazes me - i hope when i am older (as i'm still a youngling) i can do one ,,,,
  11. :thumbsup: Well done Mark. Gus has really come on a treat since the last time I looked!! Looking sweet!! Great feeling once the paint is on!! Enjoyable stuff now! :)
  12. With it being christmas eve, we finished early so I got the clocks fitted back into the dashboard...allthat is left now is to connect the gauges into the wiring loom, connect the earths and gauge lights and another little job is sorted!


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    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but tomorrow isn't Christmas day. Just thought I'd warn you so you don't get too excited tonight.

    So with this in mind and tomorrow being "just another day" I expect to see that dashboard glowing with illumination like a house at Christmas down my mothers road albeit less cheap. Her road is super tacky and cheap this time of year.
  17. i love the three dials in the radio hole/area. is that an addition? looks awesome. want to relocate my radio its ugly
  18. Its just a triple gauge housing from VW Heritage, didnt cost a lot, it does give the look I wanted though, it has the same crinkle paint finish as the dashboard has!
  19. i think ive got a double with my splitty fuel gauge in and an empty hole but it sits under the dash in front of the gear stick. way too discreet for my liking.

    what gauges do you have in yours? oil temp?
  20. weve got a rev clock in the spare dash hole followed by an oil pressure gauge, cylinder head temp gauge and voltmeter, two are VDO and the other two are Duralit gauges

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