Gusbus, the 1973 LHD Tintop

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  1. Well, another milestone tonight!

    Filled the engine with oil, let it settle all day, checked all hoses & connections. All ok
    Cranked the motor to circulate the oil & build up a bit of pressure, all appeared to be ok
    Ran the fuel pump to check for fuel leaks..again, okay

    Started up pretty much straight away and sat at 60psi oil pressure at idle and hovered around 80 psi at 2500 rpm

    Success :D

    Downside, the left hand rocker cover started leaking oil in a bit more than a drip :(

    We had to abort the last two minutes of the cam break in process as the oil leak wasn't letting up, the motor got hot we quite whilst we was ahead!

    The oil is draining off overnight ready for fresh.
    Will sort the rocker cover leak and check the valve clearances tomorrow
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  2. I assume that was after the cam break in?
  3. yeah, we let it idle after we had done pretty much all of it while we checked the rocker cover. We would have ran longer but it got quite warm, as we was inside the unit & didn't want it to go pop especially with the leak
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  4. Words mean nothing. Wheres the video?
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  5. Coming soon :thumbsup:
  6. just been to inspect the oil after overnight metallic particles or strange sheen on the oil, Im happy we did the cam burn okay!

    One point we did notice on removal of the leaking rocker cover, the locknut & valve adjusting screw on #3 inlet valve had come undone. Good job we are going to check valve clearances later!
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  7. That is certainly something I would do after it's first running, new cam or otherwise.
    All going well. :thumbsup:
  8. Sorted now, the locking nut had worked loose..all valves checked, just the one that came adfrift! Monday we plan to set the throttle linkage up properly, set the idle on each carb!

    In the meantime (click on the pic, its a short video):


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  9. I'll be happy if mine purrs like that. :)
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  10. it will Steve, its in good hands!

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