Gusbus, the 1973 LHD Tintop

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by MorkC68, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Those wheels look amazing! Keep the pics coming :thumbsup:
  2. Yep as Rick said they're Madmatz, they added the grey piping as close as they could to the bumpers and's a bit lighter in reality but I'm not too worried!
  3. :lol: everything does work, thankfully
  4. Cheers Carl, I'm not far off fitting them :D
  5. Looks good
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  6. Been a bit slow this past couple of weeks, we had to trim the wheelarch lips to make the alloys fit, which went well in the the meantime, we are back on track!

    Birthday pressie for Gusbus

    The wheels are now fully fitted and cleared of the rear wheelarch lips



    Now I can get back and finish off trimming the cab, got the walkthrough side mats fitted


    Just a bit of tucking to do on the walkthrough floormat and jobs a good un :D

    Its actually starting to come together now :thumbsup:
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  7. I told ya you would have to trim those arch lips

    Im going to have to do the same for the paravan if i ever want to go wider at the rear
  8. i like the birthday pressy mark closing eyes so you :lol:
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  9. Zed told me the exact problem straight away - ruddy pattern arches!!
  10. Looking really good now Mark. It's great putting all the finishing touches on. Are you sticking down the mats and if so what type of adhesive are you using?
  11. Thanks mate, appreciate the comments!! Bit by bit we are seeing it getting closer to completion, the interior is almost ready, cant wait for that too :) Yes Im sticking the mats down with Evo Stick carpet adhesive

    Its really good, sticks well but you have to work really quickly else its grabbed straight away :lol:
  12. If I remember correctly you used cellulose paint, did the evo stick effect the paint? Some evo stick adhesive I have states that its not to be used on celly painted surfaces.
  13. we did use cellulose paint but the glue worked spot on, no issues whatsoever (fingers crossed).

    The worst ruddy problem was some oil or fluid on an old cloth softened the paint in one of the cab archtubs, that needed sorting, luckily we cleaned the effected area and the new paint took okay
  14. Birdy

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    It's hard to believe that that is the same bus you started to restore around the time Christ born. Well done :)
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    Looking good Mark, have you got a target to get it on the road for?
  16. Hopefully this summer to get any snags sorted, get it undersealed and waxoyled etc and then upholstery :D
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  17. HA! :p
  18. Just the one pic tonight, we reunited the sliding door and more/less got the alignment right; it closes and locks okay but there is a seam of weld near the bottom roller which needs grinding down a bit, the ally bracket catches in places!

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    its looking great :)'ll be finished before me at that rate :thumbsup:
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  20. kev


    a very nice tidy van

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