Gusbus, the 1973 LHD Tintop

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by MorkC68, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Cheers buddy! :D
  2. Hi Mork....have just read your posts for the first time, FANTASTIC WORK you have done! Is there anything you have not replaced? Hope to see you and the van at 'Elemental' next year (2015). Well done its brilliant!
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  3. :lol: the chassis rails!!

    Theres a few bits we could have done better - the sliding door hasn't got a brilliant curve to it but it'll be fine for now!

    Six years down the line - its been a journey!

    Cheers for the compliment :D who knows where we will end up next year, Ill see about Elemental in the new year but we are at Volksworld 2015 (and Hampton Court)!
  4. interior is TOP, beautiful wood work and also upholstery... =)
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  5. Just read from start to finish sitting at work (not busy - everyone out shopping?) What a pleasure, inspiration and joy to see and passed a good hour. Particularly admire the persistence and also the effort made to photograph and document the resto for all to see and hopefully a nice permanent record of the travail for yourself...cheers Mork
  6. Cheers dude!! I always said I wouldn't do another bus for a while..but :D
  7. Ive not updated Gusbus thread for a while, Ive just noticed. Got a few bits & bobs done (new window winder, installing the hook up). Michelle has sorted a couple of pairs of curtains out


    And at work, we have been refurbishing the three bow roofrack. The wood required sanding, the rack itself rubbing down, undercoating & painting - its now the same colour as Gusbus roof. We're pleased with the result so far; heres the bows and the wood slats:

  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I thought your skills with the Singer had improved but then I saw that Chelle had done the sewing.
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  9. Lovely way to spend early saturday morning! Great looking project, really enjoyed reading about it, and thanks for documenting it - an inspiration
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  10. Almost done and ready for an MOT :D

    Roofrack assembled ready to fit


    We made a Tow bar at work, closely copied the Watling one fitted to Major, assembled, mounted and wired up..all tested & okay

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  11. Now all that remains is

    Fit 12v socket up front
    Fill screen washer
    Adjust the stereo brackets
    Wash dust off

    Take for an MOT
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  12. Blimey a thread from the dead :eek:

    With the completion of the type 4 build, I thought I'd revisit Gusbus' restoration thread, carry on with his story!

    Since March, we have covered a couple of thousand miles, the only niggles I can think of was some bits of paintwork touch ups, the clutch cable ferrule breaking off and the windscreen leaking water. All of which have been sorted :D

    I am of the mind that the front/rear wheel alignment isn't quite spot on, I think it needs checking over winter.

    Anyway, its engine swap time, last week saw us remove the type 1 1641 and gearbox


    Im popping these images in here as the motor & box may be up for sale in the coming weeks:



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  13. Ill not make any innuendos about filling holes nor owt like that, so, got a lot done this week, fuel pump fitted


    these bloody type 4 lumps are heavy but we got there :D

    We're all bolted up, clutch and heater cables bolted back up, driveshafts done, outstanding is accelerator cable, finish off fuel hoses, electrickery and engine seal..start up time.

    Looks ok underneath

    Bit of Vintage Speed for you :D
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  14. Thoughts on start up procedure. I plan to:
    crank the motor (not fire up; no coil lead) to circulate oil and build pressure up; Zinc Rich running in oil
    do the cam burn at 2500rpm for 20 minutes.
    change the oil and oil filter for fresh oil/filters and check the valve clearances

    do we do the cam burn for a consistent 20 minutes?
    the timing will need adjusting as its close to tdc (not 7.5 btdc) - does this matter as we can dial it in pretty much straight away?
    Anything else we should be looking for?

    @Paul Weeding

  15. My opinion only, Paul has more experience.
    Fit points and static time, but you can check while it's doing the cam break in and adjust if necessary - it won't come to any harm under no load but you need something to do as the minutes drag on-and on-and on...

    I give it a rest halfway through - pull the coil wire so it dies. I do this because a new engine gets hot anyway with new rings. It's nice to stop and assess, let it cool down for maybe 5 minutes and I can't see what harm it does. Gives me a break too - those minutes drag on!
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  16. Obviously at the same time you'll be checking for oil leaks, listening out for nasty noises etc etc.
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  17. Makes sense mate, better safe than sorry & overheating from the get go!

    My Dad will be helping too, so we should have plenty of pairs of eyes!

    Thanks for the reply :D
  18. You'll be crouched down in the hot wind from the cooling air and it'll seem hot! You don't normally run it at 2,000 revs for 20 minutes with your arm in the engine bay crouched down there, for any engine it's T-shirt weather doing that, new engine or not!
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  19. That's a totally acceptable method :thumbsup:

    Just remember if you do want to tweak the timing while the engine is running, that you're adjusting it to full advance :)
  20. Nice one Paul, cheers for replying :D

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