Gusbus, the 1973 LHD Tintop

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by MorkC68, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Diddymen

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  2. Gus bus is looking awesome dude
    Give yourself a pat on the back as thats one hell of a journey youve been on
  3. Got carried away trying more bits out this last week, I must say I am quite pleased on the look so far..still got a long way to go though!

  4. is it all painted then now
  6. you have put some tremendous work in the past couple years well done fella looking great!
  8. I wouldent have thought it but those colours work really well together
  9. Did you spray it in celly?
  10. Birdy

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    And give it sone headlights. Gus needs to see :)

    Looking good.
  12. Looking good Mark, :thumbsup: when are you aiming to get Gus back on the road?
  13. It'll be next year now all depends on our workload at work, usually we can get away at 4pm, if we are busy we dont get chance to do anything on Gusbus but we are motivated to now!!

    Maybe Elemental or Bus Stopover is our deadline!
  14. Great Stuff! Keep the updates coming ;)
  15. Its been a while, more rubbing down of old paint etc, saturday we managed to get a coat of etch primer on the inside of Gusbus:


    we should, if all goes to plan, get the inside fully painted by the end of this week :)
  16. Looking good dude its moving along
  17. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    nice 8)

    are you going body colour on the inside?
  18. Nice one Mark, that's looking good. looking forward to seeing the fully painted interior :thumbsup:
  19. cheers guys ;D yeah we're going body colour inside with the roof panels a light wood stain (if my chief designer makes her mind up ;) she's in charge of colour scheme for curtains etc)

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