Gusbus, the 1973 LHD Tintop

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by MorkC68, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Nice one Mark, it's good to see Gusbus in primer. Well done mate
  2. I'm hoping to get some primer on the roof of Wilby tomorrow. Hoping the weather holds off.
  5. Mark,not long before you got 2 stunning good looking bays,,,looking forward gusbus being painted
  6. Bit more done today, some filling work to make things look a bit neater!

    Left hand wheelarch

    Right hand cab step bottom section
  8. Go easy on the filler m8,,heavy stuff you know,,racing is all about as little weight as possible :)))
  9. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    Wow, I forgot how much work you had to do .....and like Owen said, it looked so good in the beginning ;D

    Really good to see gus bus in primer and things are progressing nicely :)

    really pleased to see you reposted, theres a few restos on here that I reall enjoy following - yours, Owens, Outlaws, Vwbusman's, poptop2's ......I could go on I do love a good resto!!!!!

    K+ for the re posts
  10. That is a stunning amount of labor. It looks like you basically just used the white bus as a template. It looks like you're finally just getting to the fun stuff. I can't wait to see it finished.
    I just realized- Gus Bus will not only look new when he's finished, he will even smell new! Oh now I'm jealous.

    Oh, by the way, Gus Gus here was wondering if you needed a mascot. Poor fella's been out of work since Cinderella.
  11. This filling, sanding, filling sanding stage needs some attention and a steady hand but, we had a good week last week and got a good bit of progress made.
    We are initially focusing on the cab area followed by the rest of the inside. Before our holidays we filled the cab steps, lower deformation panel and wheelarch joins. These have now been rubbed down smooth, filled again, flatted back and fine fillered:

    A couple of coats of high build primer, followed by Schultz on the cab floor and parts of the deformation panle

    led us to really fine wet and drying the cab ready for a few top coats; heres the first coat

    followed by the final layer on the front panel and cab area

    Next week I'll get preparing the inside rear while my Dad prepares the front air flaps and grille
  12. Nice work Mork.... Keep at it.. You'll soon have his'n'hers vans on the road
  13. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I'm so excited for you both that Gusbus has actually got sone colour on him and now the fun part starts with putting him back together.
  14. Cheers Lee...its been a long time coming but we're getting there, Michelle wants to drive one of them but she's not sure which!!
  16. Good job, that is looking great, thanks for posting.
  18. Hi Mark,

    Just wanted to say well done, the van is looking great. Just the first coat of primer on getting the bus one color makes a big difference.

    Looking back you've done alot of work mate, I think its easy to forget sometimes how much we have achieved especially when it always feels like a up hill struggle to get it finished.

    I'm hoping to get some hi-build primer on shortly, looking forward to having Oggy back to one color.

    Keep the updates coming, looking forward to seeing the re-build.


  19. Cheers for the kind words Oggy, much appreciated!! We still have a lot to do before we start building it up completely - more painting to do yet however, I did build the front bumper and overriders back up earlier..may trial fit thursday, its rude not to!!

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