Going TDI anyone with knowledge to help smooth way ?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by skirk, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. This used to be a common fault on vauxhall diesels. No codes. Worthy of note, the non genuine maf sensors were sh1t. Often worse than the original faulty ones. This caused a bit of a headache until we realised.
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  2. Whats up with your brakes? Mine seem a little hard to push at the pedal still stop it though, even it does sometimes involve standing on the pedal :)
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  3. Mine is like this. First press is softish as in working. Then really hard as though no servo. I have a new servo :(
  4. did you replace the master cylinder as well as the servo?
  5. I've heard of the sprinter servo being used - apparently ideal size and output
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  6. When you get a new servo there's sometimes an invisible cap in the breather outlet. Leaving it gives your symptoms. Think that's just the genuine ones not brazillian.
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  7. No just servo !
  8. I'll check as mine is a Brazilian
  9. Still might be. exact symptoms - brakes work correctly once then go rock hard.
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  10. I didn't fit the servo myself. Lazy week. The honest reason was the weather was so rubbish didn't want to be rolling round in the wet !!! Where is the breather on the servo please @zed

  11. upload_2016-1-9_9-31-0.png
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  12. @zed My eyesights so bad I can't see that can you please show a bigger photo Lol :thumbsup: Cheers. Much appreciated.
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  13. @zed cheers. But all clear there. Thanks.
  14. That's a pity. :(
  15. @darranj My original thread. It may be some help ?
  16. H
    i mate do you still have the van, have you had any problems with the conversion?
    Cooling problems or setting up the gearbox or things like that
  17. Still have it. Cooling no prob. Change all consumables. Clutch slave, MAF etc. Niggles were the biggest prob
  18. Was it well worth doing, do you know what’s the difference between the earlier engine and the pd engine, is it just the electics or is the adapter pate different?
  19. PD is a whole another ball game in terms of the electrics. Stick with the older AFN engine if you want to go TDI. (Or look at petrol Subaru)
  20. Ok no probs if it was just electrics, I got a mate who is a wizz on electrics and some one has done it on vwkd

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