Going TDI anyone with knowledge to help smooth way ?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by skirk, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Fingers crossed for you :cool:
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  2. Well I went to the yard yesterday. Mech' had done lots of the work, fortunately. Nearly there.
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  3. Waiting for a video clip ;) Good luck!
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  4. It's up and running but seems like there is a problem with the adaptor plate :( On the plus side though it idles, we have all the gears in the right place and it seems to be cooling ok. I'll update once we have cured the problem.
  5. Adaptor plate all ok. Seems to be in limp mode. Wiring in the diag' socket and plug it in. Hopefully it will tell us the problem. Fingers crossed.
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  6. Do you have vcds?
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  7. No just run of the mill 'clap' Whoops sorry you didn't mean an STD did you ? Seriously. I have a man that does. Just waiting for him to have a spare minute.
  8. Okay. The diag' is throwing up some odd codes. There is someone else that can help. He's not around until Weds :-( In the meantime I have been looking and the problem seems to be the N75 valve isn't 'vacuuming' the turbo actuator. The N75 is new, there is vacuum going into it, the actuator arm freely moves. When we suck on the actuator it moves ???? Could the ECU have developed a fault ?
  9. have you got the boost line going straight from the actuator to the turbo?
  10. The main code was the Barometric reading which means the MAP sensor. We swapped this for one off of another car. I am in the hands of a diagnostics man that helps when he can. Which isn't helping. So he hasn't looked since this. I am just going to wait now until the other chap is back. Very frustrating.
  11. I am very tempted to drive down and scan it with my VCDS. Its intriguing me
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  12. Lol I am very tempted to buy VCDS. So frustrated. I have set the vacuum as Tim at Ultimate says. To be honest I'm not a whizz in the noisy cupboard. Just searching forums etc.
  13. I think if you did and cured it. As well as fuel, tea and beer tokens Mrs K would bake you cake for life lol
  14. send me a pm with your address i will see how long it will take me to get there, what type 4 bits do you have left?, i think i just want to see your jurgens as well!!
  15. PM'd you. I have quite a few bits left. Oil coolers. Tin wear. Another alternator. Engine bits. Oil pressure gauge etc.
  16. Going to have to pick your brains about a few / a lot of thoughts I'm having about my conversion - Using a mk4 AHF code TDi.
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  17. No problem. I am just a novice but tried to do a lot myself.
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  18. @pkrboo Top bloke. Cheers. Thank you very much for today. Helping me to get closer to solving the problem. :thumbsup:
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  19. Shame we didn't sort it........@skirk

    However, I just had a brain wave, where I was measuring in the weird 'socket' where the red and white wire goes, and then goes out to the big bunch of red/white joined up wires.

    It could be that it should actually have a fuse in?

    I think the solenoids should have 12 volts on them and the ECU switches them on by providing an earth!!
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