Going TDI anyone with knowledge to help smooth way ?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by skirk, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Help.

    I have decided to go turbo diesel or TDI so AAZ engine or later 1z or AFN. Can anybody point me in the right direction.

  2. The 'donor' has arrived for the Jurgens. Driven from Norfolk to Leics.

    1.9 Tdi 110 Bhp Passat.
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  3. http://www.ultimate-engineering.co.uk/
    these guys specialize in TDi conversions for Type 25s but will probably be able to offer some good advice. Good luck with the conversion....It's the way I'd go, if I was considering a non stock engine swap
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  4. @ 3TNC is doing a similar conversion to his with the 110 engine.
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  5. @vanorak @matt .Cheers. I will post up as the conversion goes along. Car has been pinched by my daughter for a few weeks as she is home from her travels for a while. Hard work starts end Sept'.
  6. hard to beat a 1.9 TDi....I had a first generation in a Golf estate...could run on Bio diesel with no pump change...was still knocking on the door of 45mpg after 200+K miles, with bare minimum servicing....plenty of torque and good for m,way cruising, though the g/box ratios will have played their part.......
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  7. i believe you can flip the passat gearbox over to reverse it , :chewie:

    but ......you need to remove some metal to fit the adaptor plate :eek:
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  8. What are you doing with the rest of the car?
  9. Moons

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  10. Hi Paradox. I'll be breaking the rest to try and get as much money back as possible.
  11. get hold of a T25 bellhousing
  12. Not sure if I will try this first and then go to the flipped over gearbox if the gearing is rubbish. Or just dive in and go 'flipped' from the start.
  13. Im really interested in the flipped passat box, is it really as simple as its made to sound?
    A nice close ratio 6 speed would be sweet.
    Plus they must be readily available from all audis as well as they share the same longitudinal engine layout too
  14. Indeed all very interesting @skirk will be watching you closely on this one from end of Sept, may even come and have a chat / nosey once you get started with being close by if that's ok?
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  15. Hi Robo, of course once we begin I'll let you know. @matt not sure how easy it is but we are looking into it. Cheers all for your interest.
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  16. Interesting stuff. Just been looking at the box flipping and it looks pretty straight forwards. There is a company making mounting brackets etc and doing the mods from donor looms etc too
  17. I agree, a decent strong derv gearbox would transform my bus.

    Thinking out loud would the shift layout be opposite if it was flipped?
    Almost dog leg first like the old getrag boxes?
  18. My boss has a tdi in his t3 and this year has gone down the flipped audi box route. I've driven it before and aftwr the box swap and it makes a massive difference.

    He also fitted a porsche cable change linkage thingy too which is lovely to use.

    We've done another t3 with the same box/linkage for a customer since then.

    I don't personally know how much more is involved with putting it all in a bay, but will be interesting to watch
  19. @Beaver . Someone has mentioned a problem they have heard of with the flipped gearbox route. Drive shafts wearing after 10,000 miles due to the different angle required in the van compared to the original vehicle !!!!

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