Going TDI anyone with knowledge to help smooth way ?

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  1. Got theses bad boys today.
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  2. Removed water pump, power steering and air con pump etc. Think we will use a T25 water pump and stand we can then use the v belt set up.

    image.jpg image.jpg
  3. Okay. Gearbox back with the 15mm trimmed off. Didn't trust me self to do it as wanted to ensure all was square and good. 1mm off/uneven at this end could have meant wayout elsewhere. Hopefully we can move forward a bit quicker now.
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  4. Going good, can't wait to see how you're fitting it fella
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  5. Neither can I. This where Mikey the VW man helps. I just do the 'manual' work.
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  6. Change of heart re the alternator etc. Fitting a Mk 3 golf alternator and water pump. Altering the main pulley to golf type so now using serpentine belt. That's the plan today. Fingers crossed. Also changing rocker and sump gasket plus glow plugs today.
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  7. Oh and new clutch whilst it's out.
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  8. Hopefully the fitting starts v soon.
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  9. Do you mind how much they set you back as very interested thanks
  10. Around 300 I think. Sorry away with work at the mo and brains a bit addled from flying. Oh and drinking
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  11. That's it definitely going this route for my Devon van as whant to travel around Europe in a couple of years so that's it .Keep up this documentation as will need it thanks
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  12. I also paid £100 to have the 15mm machined from the gearbox to ensure it was square. Heard a few stories re clutches being destroyed etc but know a couple of people who have had no problem over a few years.Didn't want to risk being 1/2 mm out on the gearbox skimming. Makes a huge difference elsewhere. And could stop the problems arising.
  13. Zed


  14. Things are moving ahead. New water pump with different configuration now power steering etc have gone. New flywheel fitted. Front and rear oil seals changed. New cam belt, glow plugs etc. Next step gearbox and engine re joined and offer up to see what supports etc need to be fabricated.
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  15. Latest update. Engine offered up. Engine mounts on chassis constructed, need to tidy welds. Fabricate engine bar and sump protector. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  16. Looking good! Cant wait to see it all in and running! :)
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  17. Don't copy anything that sausage finger mong does......

    kept looking at your new alternator set up thinking something isnt right..... then it clicked, your missing the tension wheel.

    looking forward to more updates :)
  18. Yep yr right on the tension wheel. I have seen a couple running without it and using a shorter belt. I am erring on the side of putting one on.
  19. That particular alt has a spring under it... So you can just loosen off the alt and it tensions the belt... Perfectly fine, as I run the same set up on my mk2 golf :cool:
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