Going TDI anyone with knowledge to help smooth way ?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by skirk, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Well you know where not to go if you need advice on electrics lol
  2. @pkrboo if it's an engine and box you're after the guy who sorted mine may be able to help you - if you're interested.
  3. I'm thinking AFN engine with my six rib box at the moment OR 1.4 TDI PD engine with MV engineering adapter. Depends if can pick an engine and loom up cheap enough. If I can get a bell housing as well I can mock most of it up slow time over the summer. All in the plans stage in my head at the moment. Need to cost up the adapter plate and the rad, and heating......
  4. T3 diesel bell housing and in my case golf clutch plates

    If you're on Facebook, and you want to chat parts (not aircooled) speak to Rajesh Ram aka Mr VW Breaker. He's based near Heathrow but can ship or I can bring bits back every now and again.
  5. I bought the whole car for £450. Going to break it up now I'm finished.
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  6. So that's it done then? Just a bit of tidying up?

    Think AFN maybe the easiest way forward. Can just copy yours then!!
  7. Just a bit of tidying and wire a few gauges and lights in. Sort out the oil return leak, adjust the throw on the gear stick, sort gear box breather and make a new engine cover. Your very welcome to pick my brains on what was done to mine. Hopefully cooling isn't going to be an issue !!!
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  8. No. Outside. I'm sure the inside tank ones were on the later PD engine.
  9. Just used everything from the original engine. Apart from water pump. Removed power steering and air con.
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  10. I've also removed the A/C and P/S pumps, getting a belt "made" from Gates Powertrain to run around remaining pulleys correctly.
    Leaving my water pump on though.
  11. The reason I changed the water pump is the Passat one goes anti clockwise. Once I removed air con etc the shorter belt would have turned it clockwise. The Mk 3 Golf pump goes clockwise. Changed to the Golf alternator as well.
  12. Will have to check the mk4 water pump - food for thought!!

    Cheers for the possible heads up.
  13. Okay. Picking the van up tonight. Going to add gauges, oil temp and warning lights , fan on, glow plugs, maybe oil pressure as the terminals neg/pos' are different on the Passat so light is on when good on the original light. Switches for heater matrix and also a chicken switch for the radiator fan. Oh and find my fuel tank sender wire.
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  14. You could extend the obd2 port to the front and use a scan gauge to give you all the coolant temp, oil temp etc
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  15. I'll be keeping the Diags port aswell but it'll go under the R'n'R with the fuse box.
  16. I think you can get extensions of the scan gauge so could it run it from the rear to the front
  17. I'll be happy with it under there or mount it in front bed board so it's easy access.

    Will cross that bridge etc
  18. Slowly getting a few photos together

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