Going TDI anyone with knowledge to help smooth way ?

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  1. Pics of scoops. Need grills on them and the inter cooler scoop needs spraying black. Plus front of engine without cover. The cover is being cleaned.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. How deep are the scoops?

    One of the many dilemmas I have!
  3. I'll measure and let you know ;-)
  4. image.jpg image.jpg @3TNC
    Main scoop is approx 60 cm across by 22 cm deep. On the way to Lincoln yesterday we reached around 60 degrees water temp.

    Little scoop is around 15 cm by 12 cm.

    Just the last few shots of bits. Cab and exhaust.

    Excuse scabby rear bumper !!!
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  5. Okay I've been whizzing about smiling. Temp at 60 ish degrees. To be told I'm running too cold !!!!! Going to go on vagcom :)eek::confused: Can't take that name seriously) To check temp.

    If gauge is right then it could be the thermostat as on the Passat they apparently fail open. Anyway Mrs K couldn't get me out of the van all weekend. :)
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  6. What does the gauge say? My little seat runs midway on the gauge which is 90 BUT when I have it hooked up to VCDS (vagcom) it reads at about 73 the gauges are not particularly accurate. 60 is a little low though. If the stat was staying shut then it would overheat, it may be stuck open though.
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  7. Highest it got to was 70 going up the long hills on the A46 into a head wind last week. It is generally sitting at 60. Sposed to run at 90. Thermo should open at 87. Have bought a new stat but will test it on Vagcom first before going through all that mess. Won't be too bad in the short term though it drives the fuel economy down. According to the conversion chap in Bristol the thermo should fail open. I can't find anything definitive on this.
  8. Makes sense that it would fail open so you don't cook your engine, on my golf and bora it had a spring loaded type stat so I would expect it is the same, and would fail open.
  9. No just old school VDO. Could be a failed temp sender as well apparently. Anyway I'm going to get it on a diagnostics and see. No point worrying too much ;-)
  10. Yes it's spring loaded.
  11. The spring isn't a failsafe device, it's to push the stat shut as the water temperature drops. A thermostat can fail either open or shut but if yours is only reading 60℃ it sounds as if it's stuck open. Most modern engines operate around 85-90℃(as I'm sure you know).
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  12. Checked on Vagcom. Engine running at correct temp. Would seem the sender and gauge aren't matched.
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  13. Do you know if your jurgens engine bay the same height as a standard bay?

    Just thinking about the height of the engine in the upright the mode
  14. I don't know but I do know that, apparently, that with the adapter plate the bay engine compartment is high enough.
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  15. I like your cab seats. :thumbsup:
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  16. I think the roof on a jurgens engine bay is actually lower than a standard bay, the top (wooden) hatch on mine is actually routed out so the standard airbox will fit!
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  17. I think you are right. I had to put a little bit more height towards the back of the hatch for the conversion.
  18. Just an update in case anyone runs the same conversion and has problems. During Brighton Breeze and on the way home I had what I thought were turbo issues. No codes being shown on diagnostics. Checked turbo. All tickerty boo Ended up being the MAF sensor.
  19. Whizzing along now. Unfortunately brakes not perfect. Bit of an issue when you've fixed the boost problem:confused: Replaced servo pipe as was collapsing. Changed servo and one way valve. Still no change. Servo pump seem alright. Think it's time for a garage visit :(

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