Fitting external Propex/Whale heater

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Dicky, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. apparently, they use this principle for axial fans on military submarines....amazing what you can find out on the web...:cool:
  2. ? Does somebody need some help??
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  3. Right - (handbrake sorted now btw) been doing some further experimentation with silencing the thing. Best so far is using the heat exchanger hoses. One on each side ie heat side and cool air return silences by a whopping 10db (and possibly slightly more). It is a very noticeable difference. Not sure what to do for now as two of these take a lot of room up (although they are designed to be outside and get wet so if you've an external syatem then try em in line with your ducts). Cheap at the mo ie about 15 quid with GSF weekend discount. Bought one last week.

    Think I may hold off faffing for now as ideally I would have these outside which again means modifying the 90 degree arrangement for the outlets. You wont have that issue on the gas only version!
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  4. @Bertie the Bus

    You got yours installed and finished yet! Looking at modding mine now to fit between chassis rails as per your install.
  5. How long are the bellows things you've got?
    I was grovelling the other day & noticed the paint is blistering on the mandrel bend that goes from the hot air out hose on the unit into the van.
    It must get bloody hot coming out of the propex as the flexible duct at this point is about 40 cm long IIRC
  6. Not sure, about 300mm I reckon.
  7. mmm that may work as a silencer in line under the van as there is a small 's' in the current duct. will have a measure, cheers:thumbsup:
  8. im off home at lunch. can measure but they are the same as you have on your bus from heater control box to body. they can be reduced in length btw as the ends unscrew.
  9. doh! ;)
  10. Unfortunately not. Health issues and other non bus related jobs have restricted me but I am hoping to get back to the bus over the next couple of weekends!

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  11. I suspected that might be the case. Hope all is well.
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