Fitting external Propex/Whale heater

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  1. Not sure what the answer is to be honest. The problem is what is good for sitting on isn't necessarily good for sleeping on and part of the issue may be the fact you have no support whilst sitting which manifests itself after you've been lying down for some time. Who can tell. Have a word with Physio!
  2. Well, it is a naturally occurring plant... a bit harder to control than manufactured opiates... and besides it's less dangerous (and not physically addictive) if abused.

    Anyway I reckon you could get codeine at the pub too...

    Some people rate medical marijuana for back pain etc... Got a friend with MS who gets it on prescription - he was on all kind of heavy duty opiates which didn't work, was basically crippled until he discovered marijuana, now he's pretty mobile and coping with the pain. He IS always stoned though... I don't know whether it would work for me but then I'm not experiencing constant chronic pain!
  3. Though it appears that scientists in France have finally managed to find a way to kill someone with it.
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  4. :eek: ?
  5. My mistake, they were trying to make a drug that mimics cannabis. From the Independent...

    The drug that was being trialled is not known, despite some reports that it was a new cannabinoid-based painkiller.

    Marisol Touraine, the French health minister, later confirmed that the pill did not contain cannabis or its derivatives but acted on the body's endocannabinoid system.
  6. Not sure about the addictive bit tommy. I think particular people and their mental states at the time can, in some circumstances, become dependent on the effects of weed.
    Not everyone, just some. Whether you class this as 'addicted' is a moot point.
    All I can say is I went through a period some years ago when all I could focus on was getting in from work & rolling one up.
    Excessive use led to mood swings and paranoia, a period of my life I now look back on with little fondness.:(
    Interestingly, my brother suffered similarly & was a complete arsk when caning the spliffs.
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  7. He did specifically say physically addictive. That's the problem with opiates, whatever your frame of mind they are physically addictive so you're stuffed.
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  8. Yeah, apologies for misunderstanding/misreading tommy. Still not good.., my mental addiction felt physical!

    The bed's OK though. I was worried about my back as it can go into debilitating week long spasms. I was in a wheel chair in A&E a couple of years ago it was that bad.
    As Dicky says the answer was the earlier hinges for thicker foam.
    We sleep head towards the cab as well & I was able to set the seat base (the head end) up at a slight angle. Not much but it does stop the bed deploying in a convex curve which seemed to give me problems. Just a thought...
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  9. Good point . its always best to have the end slightly raised regardless of which way you sleep as it has the same effect either way.
  10. I did that on the early and this one. :thumbsup:
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  11. Well it's just time to accept you're knackered then.
    Forget about any of that messing about on the water malarkey, sell the bus, buy a house and become a regular down the doctors surgery every Monday.
    Lincoln's nice for the elderly :D
  12. it's not like normal, i might see the doc.
  13. :( Good idea. Body knows best...
  14. maybe it's just forgotten....happens to us all from time to time;)

    if you can get hold of a proper all Latex mattress, this will provide good support

    don't be put off by the fact that it's secondhand....proper all latex foam is excellent stuff and lasts for decades
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  15. Might be a daft idea but, have you tried mounting the unit through rubber washers as a kind of buffer in case its the sound being transmitted via the chassis which is making it louder or alternatively sound deadening stuff like silent coat or the stuff you can get for engine compartments on the actual unit its self?
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  16. Eh up! us Lincoln peeps might be getting on but, its at least 11 yrs affore I'm elderly and I'm still active when not snoozing:gnome:
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  17. There's a thought! Does anyone know how hot the case gets on the external units after say an hours running. That'd be an easy mod which would cut down on resonance.
    Not sure that would cure the noise out of the duct itself, which whilst not a major issue compared to freezing, can get a bit tiresome.
  18. Its mounted onto a piece of closed cell foam probably about 5 or 6 mm thick at the moment.
  19. not measured the case temp but it wouldn't melt dynamat or closed cell...that much I know....the main source of intrusive noise is the fan....the burner adds a little 'bass'...

    without changing the fan for one with more blades, there's not a lot you can do....interestingly, if you added a 'bellmouth' to the fan inlet, you can cut down a lot of noise....this would obviously have to be done at the design stage...

    given there's actually not a lot to a propex case, if you had the inclination, you could make your own
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  20. Sounds like it should be okay then but, I'm thinking the vibration does need much contact on any part of the chassis etc to cause reverberation. How long are the ducts? Are they the standard brown card and silver lining type? Have you tried surrounding them with closed cell foam?

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