Fitting external Propex/Whale heater

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Dicky, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. If it's quieter than my old Airtronic, I'm happy! That was quite noisy. Like a jet engine!
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  2. One of the emergency cords like in disabled loo - then when your back is in spasm you can summon help by means of a flashing red light on your roof!
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  3. I wish I had one now for that. :(
    Just taken a hoarded distalgesic, not sure @bernjb56 would approve. Can't find my hoarded codeine.
  4. bernjb56

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    I bet it was about 5 years out of date :rolleyes:
  5. more like 20. :)
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  6. Amphetamine Sulphate is good for bad backs! Only problem is its probably hard to find an all-night disco round your neck of the woods.
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  7. It only really hurts when I lie down in bed, so that might be a bit useless. lol. I'm knackered. I want to sleep . :(
  8. Not good. what does the quack say?
  9. No point blocking up the docs, it's a muscle spasm thing bought on by being able to lie in a funny position one night after taking ibuprofen for summat else.
    Lately there's a pattern - I go to bed in fine fettle then I wake up injured. :rolleyes:
  10. Hurt yourself before you go to bed then!
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  11. Hate to say it but is it the bed?
  12. Take diazepam
  13. I've been thinking the same and teetering on slinging all the expensive foam for something firmer. So difficult to order the right thing, in the early the bed was like a rock, this one is too soft. And not thick enough...

    Think you managed to fit 5" on yours? I went for 4" and 2" of it is memory foam. I think it would suit me better with 1" memory foam and 4" of something pretty solid because even my hard layer is too soft - blue stuff.
  14. Got any? They don't stock that at the newsagents.
    I have a load of codeine tablets somewhere. Not keen on taking opiate based stuff as they only work for a few doses and give me constipation, but every few years I have a need and it's blummin difficult to get a prescription if you're in any way "scruffy" so I save them up. :D
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  15. Probably easier to get spliff in the pub than pain killers from a doc. :rolleyes:
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  16. No - only got 4 inches on mine as its a late bad not an early. Busmonkey had the early bed! Its very difficult as you don't know until you actually use the damned thing and by then you've bought it and had it covered at great expense. My foam is the 4 inch grey, sort of medium stuff where its new but I tried to reuse the old polyurethane stuff where I could (for the big cushion) I've not actually slept on mine other than for a couple of days on the trot so no idea what it would be like to use every day!
  17. that's a sad indictment of modern society (never been any different I guess)
  18. Mine was fine for months until I hurt my back, now I find it too soft. Particularly soft to sit on and i reckon the memory foam is already on it's way out.
  19. I do have some, yes. Haha.
    Not sharing it though.
    It's specifically designed for muscle related pain.

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